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Drinks: Elves’ ration.


It’s called Lembas and for the non-Tolkien readers, the name is derived from the special bread made by the elves in Lord of the Rings lore. If push comes to shove, this can be the stuff that will replace your meals. But that’s not the focus for creator, Alvin Chong; the point of Lembas is that it’s convenient. Too busy to get takeaway? Too stingy to call for delivery? Lembas is the commodious alternativ­e. There’s something almost nostalgic about scooping out powder from a bag and mixing it up in a mug of water (KLIM anyone?) It tastes like vanilla with a hint of coconut (there might be more flavours coming out later). It’s palatable, like we’re downing a protein shake. However, we must highlight that this isn’t a health supplement (ingredient­s included are soy flour, maltodextr­in, coconut flour, docosahexa­enoic acid (DHA) and other multisylla­bic components). It’s just a time-saving option that lets you do the rest of the things that really matter.

 ?? Lembas retails for SGD22 and can be purchased at ??
Lembas retails for SGD22 and can be purchased at

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