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The Ve­hi­cle: The V8100 is a China-­built, medium-duty elec­tric de­liv­ery van with a 241km range and DC fast charg­ing. It boasts a 19,114-litre cargo hold and a 2,722kg pay­load ca­pac­ity. An­nounced: 2017 Promised: 2018 Key As­set: It re­cently signed rental-­fleet giant Ry­der as its ex­clu­sive ser­vice provider. Achilles’ Heel: Un­proven Chi­nese man­u­fac­tur­ing qual­ity. No­table Quote: “I know what’s go­ing to hap­pen, in my mind. And I’m pretty out­spo­ken about it, and it’s shock­ing that not every­body in the world’s an op­ti­mist.” —Bryan Hansel, Chanje CEO Chance of Suc­cess: 7.3

Lo­cal Mo­tors The Ve­hi­cle: Olli, an au­to­mated, toast­er­shaped, slow-speed ‘cog­ni­tive shut­tle’ pow­ered by bat­ter­ies and IBM’s Wat­son ar­ti­fi­cial-­in­tel­li­gence soft­ware. It’s quite an about-face for Phoenix-based Lo­cal Mo­tors, which made its name ­cre­at­ing the open-sourced Mad Max– es­que Rally Fighter in 2009. An­nounced: 2016 Promised: 2019 Key As­set: It ac­tu­ally seems to make stuff. Olli pro­to­types are up and run­ning at the Univer­sity at Buf­falo in New York. Achilles’ Heel: Its small mi­cro­fac­to­ries may not be scal­able into the kind of macro­fac­to­ries needed to pro­duce a ve­hi­cle in profit-­rel­e­vant quan­ti­ties. No­table Quote: “We pre­fer to be called ac­tion lead­ers rather than thought lead­ers. But we do have thoughts about that.” — Lo­calMo­ Chance of Suc­cess: 4.9 Elio Mo­tors The Ve­hi­cle: A three-wheeled twoseater. Elio plans to build the trikes at a de­com­mis­sioned GM plant in Louisiana. An­nounced: 2009 Promised: Over and over again Key As­sets: The com­pany re­ceived USD2.5 mil­lion from Over­ last spring and plans to raise more money with a cryp­tocur­rency of­fer­ing. Achilles’ Heel: Elio has con­sis­tently moved back its pro­duc­tion start date, and its lat­est prom­ise of late 2019 seems just as spe­cious as those from the past decade. No­table Quote: “I am con­fi­dent that this will be­come my car for at least twothirds of the days I drive.” — Over­ CEO Pa­trick Byrne, in a 2018 Elio press re­lease Chance of Suc­cess: 3.3

Spira The Ve­hi­cle: The Spi­ra4u is a 236kg, USD10,000, three-wheeled, mo­tor­cy­cle­based elec­tric trans­porta­tion pod. A lighter, cheaper petrol ver­sion is also avail­able. An­nounced: 2008 Promised: 2013 Key As­sets: Claims to have once bro­ken the Guin­ness World Record for long­est EV jour­ney on a sin­gle charge; was an XPrize fi­nal­ist. Achilles’ Heel: Most peo­ple don’t want to com­mute in a pros­e­lytis­ing cor­po­rate mis­sion to save pro­duc­tion re­sources, fuel and lives. No­table Quote: “I would like to think that if I ac­ci­den­tally ran over my lit­tle girl that she would live without much harm.” — Spira founder Lon Bal­lard, Spi­ Chance of Suc­cess: 2.0 Com­muter Cars The Ve­hi­cle: One seat wide and two seats long, the two-to-a-lane Tango is an ex­per­i­ment in the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of nar­row elec­tric ve­hi­cles to com­bat traf­fic con­ges­tion. Two elec­tric mo­tors de­liver an ad­ver­tised 4,067Nm of com­bined torque. An­nounced: 2003 Promised: 2008 and wait­ing Key As­set: The first car was de­liv­ered to Ge­orge Clooney. Achilles’ Heels: That de­liv­ery was over a decade ago. Hand-built and cost­ing ISD240,000, only 12 Tan­gos have been as­sem­bled to date, mak­ing mass pro­duc­tion un­likely. No­table Quote: “We very much still

ex­ist.” — Rick Wood­bury, ­Com­muter Cars pres­i­dent Chance of Suc­cess: 1.1 RIP

Aptera Mo­tors (2006–2011) All-elec­tric and hy­brid two-door three-wheel­ers. Fenix Au­to­mo­tive (2009–2012) British su­per­cars. Founded by kit-car mogul Lee No­ble af­ter his de­par­ture from No­ble Au­to­mo­tive in 2008.

Saba Mo­tors (2009–2012) Elec­tric two-pas­sen­ger car. Founded by me­chan­i­cal en­gi­neer Si­mon Saba in San Jose, Cal­i­for­nia. Marus­sia Mo­tors (2007–2014) Rus­sian su­per­car.

Elio Mo­tors.

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