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Donna O’shea Fitness


Personal training with an emphasis on safe prenatal and postnatal workouts. Best for: Anyone. Donna tailors her fitness programmes to each individual, although she specialise­s in getting mums back in shape and helping them to lose their “mummy-tummies”. Time check: One hour. Recap: Donna suggested concentrat­ing on my core and upper body. As with many new mums, it was my tummy and lack of tone that were bothering me. We started with some light cardio to get my heart rate up: knee raises and curls, followed by bending to touch the floor on alternate sides, with a focus on engaging my core. This was followed by rotating an exercise ball in my arms – it sounds simple, but I was amazed at how tired I got doing this, and how much it worked my core. After each set we did tricep dips. The final round of activity was boxing, which had the dual effect of working my upper body and being great for the core. After each set of punches, I did lunges and arm rotations. The combinatio­n of upper body, core engagement and cardio was amazingly tiring and I felt fully done in after the session – but happy, too, as I knew that we’d focused on my “problem” areas. I also felt that the exercises she’d taught me were things I could repeat at home, even with two kids! The aftermath: I was shattered after the workout, and convinced I would be stiff the next day. However, to my surprise I felt achy but not too sore. I think it shows the benefits of working out with a profession­al who knows how far to push you (and ensures you stretch afterwards!). I’d definitely recommend this one-to-one training, especially for mums trying to get back into exercising. Good to know: Donna can come to you (depending on the location) for indoor or outdoor sessions. She also offers online training programmes if you can’t get out (ideal for new mums), and classes at the Botanic Gardens specifical­ly designed for mums, plus a beginners’ running class for women looking to improve their running skills and build up stamina and endurance. (Babies, buggies and dogs are welcome!)

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