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This is a woman to inspire every one of us. Born in Taiwan and raised in Texas, JENNY HUANG only started running after the second of her two children started school. Now one of Singapore’s most elite, sponsored athletes, and the ambassador for numerous to


Urban Rehab.

Here are just a few of Jenny’s awesome credential­s: 2013 Sundown Ultramarat­hon 100km Champion; 2014 Great Eastern 21km Champion; 2015 The North Face Trails 50km Ultra Duo Champion; 2016 The North Face Trails 25km Champion; and 2017 Newton 32km Open Women Champion. Now, let’s hear from Jenny herself.

Which of your careers – running or physiother­apy – came first?

I studied to become a physio and worked as one in the US before coming to Singapore in 2003, for what was planned to be only a two-year stay! It was only here that I discovered running: it became a source of calm living in this amazing urban jungle. Once I started running, I never stopped – and I don’t plan to stop.

How wonderfull­y complement­ary your two passions are!

You are right. Being a runner complement­s my rehab work in more ways than one. It gives me the stamina I need for working on patients all day – the work of a physio truly is physically exhausting – and it allows me to nag my patients when they don’t exercise. How can a physio nag a patient about fitness if they don’t stay fit themselves?

What are the worst mistakes that cause running injuries?

Thank you for asking! The top offenders are: firstly, going too fast too soon; and, secondly, going too far too soon. To reduce your risk of injury, always follow the 10 percent rule: In any given week, never do more than 10 percent more than your previous week’s mileage. Also, make sure you run at least three times a week, to allow muscle growth and help to develop good running form. Those who run fewer than three times a week have a higher chance of injury.

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