Eye Fo­cus: The pro­fes­sion­als rec­om­mend the best treat­ments

We gather in­sights from top aes­thetic doc­tors on pop­u­lar eye treat­ments to com­bat signs of age­ing, and dis­cover non-in­va­sive ways to big­ger and brighter peep­ers.

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#1 360 De­gree Non-sur­gi­cal Eye Re­ju­ve­na­tion

With age, the del­i­cate skin around the eye loses elas­tic­ity and be­gins to de­velop wrin­kles. As the un­der­ly­ing mus­cle weak­ens and sags, the deep fat pads start to bulge through. Vol­ume is lost, creat­ing hol­lows and re­sult­ing in vis­i­ble eye bags. The solution? The Aes­thetic Stu­dio’s eye re­ju­ve­na­tion pro­gramme, which com­bines two non-in­va­sive tech­nolo­gies: Ul­traformer III (UF III) us­ing High In­ten­sity Fo­cused Ul­tra­sound (HIFU) tech­nol­ogy, and AGNES Ra­diofre­quency Needling.

Com­bin­ing UF III and AGNES is a multi-lay­ered ap­proach that avoids surgery. UF III heats and stim­u­lates the deeper lay­ers of the skin, pro­mot­ing col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and lift­ing ef­fects. Done ev­ery six months, it tight­ens over­ly­ing skin, re­duces droop­ing and keeps wrin­kles at bay, with­out any downtime.

The AGNES eye pro­to­col al­lows a com­bi­na­tion of skin tight­en­ing as well as deeper fat melt­ing, re­duc­ing un­der-eye bulge (eye bag) while firm­ing up wrin­kled skin around the eye. Downtime can range from two to seven days of mild swelling to bruis­ing, de­pend­ing on what you’re be­ing treated for.

#2 Up­per Lid Ble­pharo­plasty

The most com­monly per­formed eyelid surgery at Aes­thetic & Re­con­struc­tive Cen­tre is up­per eyelid ble­pharo­plasty, specif­i­cally for creat­ing an up­per eyelid crease or ad­just­ing an ex­ist­ing one. Pop­u­lar amongst younger pa­tients, this sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure gives the eyes a brighter look and cre­ates space for eye makeup. For eyes that are small from side to side, there are two al­ter­na­tives: med­i­cal can­tho­plasty to widen the cor­ners of the eye nearer to the nose, and lat­eral can­tho­plasty to widen the op­po­site cor­ners of the eye. How­ever, can­tho­plasty should be ap­proached with cau­tion as it may re­sult in dry eyes and vis­i­ble scar­ring.

An up­per ble­pharo­plasty can also be per­formed to re­move ex­cess skin and fat in droopy up­per lids. This can be a useful and vi­able op­tion for older pa­tients whose vi­sion is ob­structed by prom­i­nent up­per eyelid hood­ing.

#3 Lower Lid Ble­pharo­plasty

Ac­cord­ing to Dr Wong Chin Ho from W Aes­thetic Plas­tic Surgery, eye bags should be re­viewed along­side other signs of age­ing, like sag­ging cheeks. A lower lid ble­pharo­plasty is one way to tackle it.

Done via a dis­creet in­ci­sion just be­low the lower lashes, eye bag fat is re­moved and re­dis­tributed into the de­flated area di­rectly be­low to cor­rect tear trough de­for­mity, which oc­curs when there is a hol­low junc­tion sit­ting be­tween the lower lid and the cheek. At the same time and via the same in­ci­sion, the cheek is lifted to cor­rect sag­ging in that area. Fi­nally, the ex­cess skin is care­fully re­moved be­fore the in­ci­sion is closed up. For pa­tients with a sig­nif­i­cant loss of fa­cial fat in the cheeks, some fat graft­ing may be per­formed at the end of the pro­ce­dure to re­store vol­ume.

In con­trast to tra­di­tional eye bag surgery that only re­moves fat, by ad­dress­ing the three as­pects of age­ing that oc­cur in the cheek area – eye bags, sag­ging and loss of vol­ume – a more com­plete re­ju­ve­na­tion can be achieved. Ex­pect a to­tal downtime of around 10 to 14 days.

Psst… En­hance the ef­fect with in­jectable fillers, which can be used in com­bi­na­tion with this treat­ment to re­store lost vol­ume and fill any un­der-eye hol­lows.

Psst… Over time, the eyes may be­come smaller due to age- associated eyelid pto­sis (droop­ing of the up­per eye­lids) or the droop­ing of the brow. For the former, a tight­en­ing or reat­tach­ment of the le­v­a­tor mus­cle will help to open up the eyes. If your brows are droopy, con­sider a brow-lift, where the brows are repo­si­tioned to an op­ti­mal po­si­tion for a more youth­ful look.

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