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Who she is: The 25-year-old indie thespian-turned-actress-to-watch who stars in the upcoming Crazy Rich Asians film.

Why know her: This actress/artist/ activist (her words) is a multihyphe­nate intent on making a difference. When she’s not pursuing acting gigs, she’s devoting her time to weightier work like AsianGirl, an ongoing collaborat­ive feminist art series focused on “exploring issues of the Asian feminist in 21st century digital discourse”. Also, there’s her partnershi­p with the Singapore Committee for UN Women to research contempora­ry strategies for the economic empowermen­t of South-east Asian women. And while you could term it as “doing a Jolie” (she certainly has the lips to match), that would be detracting from the fact that she’s initiated these projects all on her own. What’s next: While she could not divulge any informatio­n on Crazy Rich Asians – not even the role she plays – the film’s formidable buzz (the first Hollywood film since The Joy Luck Club to have an all-Asian cast) is likely to present Loke with her breakthrou­gh moment. Also she promises: “There’ll be some good news soon.” We’ll be keeping our eye on her.

For a deep and rich red pout with a subtle sheen like Loke’s here, try Nars’ Velvet Lip Glide in No. 54.

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