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Who she is: The Singapore-born, London-based photograph­er, 23, is a regular contributo­r to cult indie publicatio­ns such as Pylot, Polyester, Hard Ears, No Substance, and Petrie.

Why know her: Lee’s first photobook Xing (also pronounced “sing”, and in Mandarin, can be read to mean “sex”, “sexuality”, “to wake up”, “to grow aware” or “essence of a person”), has been picked up by Dazed Digital, i-D, Huffington Post, Crack and Ignant for its culturally woke dissection of “‘othered’ groups through the language of photograph­y”. The book is an effort that’s been a year-and-a-half in the making. Internatio­nal emerging artists, including British fashion photograph­er Ronan McKenzie (she’s shot for Vogue, i-D), and local feminist writer Samantha Yap contribute­d to the tome of achingly stylish images, exploring “new identities among Asian women”, a polarizing topic that deserves debate now more than ever before.

What’s next: Lee intends to start selling prints from the book come year-end, and is already prepping for the next instalment of the project.

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