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Who he is: The multiple-award-winning designer and co-founder of design and advertisin­g agency Kinetic Singapore. Why know him: Trust us, you already do. Lim, 44, is a multi-virtuoso in design, advertisin­g, retail and art, and his creativity is evident across Singapore’s creative scene: from Notebook Vol.2: (a collaborat­ion with specialist printer Dominie Press), Noise Singapore, K+ at Scotts Square (curated by Kinetic), to his work with car brand Mini. But perhaps his most influentia­l work is a bit more personal. In 2011, he started Holycrap, possibly Singapore’s only creative collective whose members make up the same family – Lim, his wife Claire, 43, and their two children Renn, 13, and Aira, 11. As a family, they publish the art-meets-design (and award-winning, no less) publicatio­n Rubbish Famzine twice a year – proving that “education” really begins at home.

What’s next: The seventh edition of Rubbish Famzine will be out later this month at K+ Curatorial Space. The issue will focus on “the family’s fascinatio­n with film cameras” and, with its limited print run of 300, is likely to be sold out. Also, Holycrap will hold an exhibition at Deck in December.

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