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Emm Arruda

This 17-year-old Ontarian is classicall­y beautiful – it’s the reason she’s walked for every major brand, and posed for every big magazine in her first year of modelling. But what’s put her in the spotlight is her openness about her scoliosis. In 2014, she had fusion surgery to correct the curve in her spine, and now has a 40cm scar running down her back. She chose to post before-and-after surgery photos on her Instagram to inspire, using the hashtag #scoliosisw­arrior. Six months after recovery, she was picked up by an agent.

Amber Witcomb

Like Mia Farrow and Jennifer Aniston, 22-yearold Witcomb credits her success to a haircut. After her hair was cut into a jaw-length bob for Prada’s Spring ’17 show, she posed for W and Vogue UK, among others, and had a careermaki­ng stint as a face for Burberry and Celine. Unlike some models, she’s not a chameleon – her strong jawline and definite nose make her hard to miss.

Nova Orchid

She was born in Sydney, and has lived in Paris and Amsterdam, but now calls Montreal home. Her Pierrot-like features can be pretty or edgy, but always possess a hint of melancholy. The daughter of a photograph­er, she was scouted at 13, and her big break was walking for Chanel in S/S ’17. Her distinguis­hing feature is one of a kind: ultra-short bangs that she’s been cutting herself since she was 13, with whatever scissors she can find.

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