The lat­est makeup col­lec­tion by Dior’s Peter Philips mar­ries his pro­fes­sional ex­per­tise with a good dose of com­mon sense.

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Whoever said that the in­dus­try’s hot­shots aren’t hu­man has ob­vi­ously never met Peter Philips. The cre­ative and image direc­tor of Dior Makeup for the past four years is known for his warm, ge­nial na­ture – even to the press. Then there’s the story of how the brand’s lat­est of­fer­ing, Dior Back­stage – an ex­ten­sion of the Dior Back­stage Pro line – came about.

“When I started with Dior, I al­ways used the Diorskin Star foun­da­tion, but there weren’t suit­able shades for every model (walk­ing the run­way). I had to ask the labs to cre­ate a white foun­da­tion in the Star for­mula so I could mix and match, and adapt the colour,” he tells us.

“And that kind of made us think that women prob­a­bly face the same prob­lems when they go to the counter – and not ev­ery­one has the time to mix and match. So we thought, why not come up with a foun­da­tion line that’s re­ally thor­ough?”

“Thor­ough” is ex­actly the word to de­scribe the makeup base that an­chors Dior Back­stage. Dubbed Dior Back­stage Face And Body Foun­da­tion, the fluid comes in 40 dif­fer­ent shades (though only 21 are sold here), all for­mu­lated to be lightweight and eas­ily build­able. The lat­ter is a point Philips stressed on partly in re­sponse to all the beauty blog­ger tu­to­rial videos in­vad­ing the web to­day.

“Makeup tu­to­ri­als tend to be about thick lay­ers of makeup, high-con­trast con­tour­ing and high­light­ing. A lot of women are im­pressed by it, but they are also very in­tim­i­dated by it,” he says. “Real pro­fes­sional, fine-tuned makeup is lightweight and not only looks good in a selfie, but also in real life.”

Fac­tor­ing in how the pros ap­pre­ci­ate a base that won’t melt un­der spot­lights

– or the per­spi­ra­tion that can come from stand­ing un­der one – the brand has made this foun­da­tion heat- and hu­mid­ity-re­sis­tant too. (That this also helps in places like swel­ter­ing Sin­ga­pore isn’t lost on us.) Such thought­ful­ness to­wards the needs of makeup artists and women ev­ery­where is what lies at the heart of Dior Back­stage.

Be­sides the foun­da­tion, ev­ery­thing else comes in a pal­ette with mul­ti­ple shades, each meant to be easy to use and wear, and ar­ranged in or­der of in­ten­sity – soft­est to strong­est. Ever the one for de­tail, Philips made the cover of the cases trans­par­ent. Who has the time to open them to view the con­tents when you’re in a rush?

Each cat­e­gory is con­cise – all the es­sen­tials Philips thinks a woman needs dis­tilled into one handy, por­ta­ble pack­age. There are, for ex­am­ple, just two Eye Pal­ettes: one with cool tones, the other warm. Each has eight shades rang­ing from matte to shim­mery fin­ishes, along with a creamy primer that in­ten­si­fies and ex­tends the wear of the colour that’s ap­plied on top of it.

“All the shades in each of these pal­ettes are match­ing, so you can com­bine any of them to­gether to cre­ate looks, but they all go to­gether. There are no mis­takes pos­si­ble,” says Philips.

The Lip Pal­ette – yep, there’s just one – is sim­i­larly in­tu­itive: nine long-last­ing shades that span a rosy nude to so­phis­ti­cated bur­gundy, split up evenly across three rows. The ones on the top row are glossy, the mid­dle ones satin, and the bot­tom ones matte. Use each in­di­vid­u­ally or com­bine mul­ti­ple to cre­ate the trendy om­bre ef­fect – it’s prac­ti­cally id­iot-proof.

Philips’ per­sonal high­light, the Glow Face Pal­ette, epit­o­mises how Dior Back­stage is about – in his own words – “tech­ni­cal prod­ucts that are any­thing but in­tim­i­dat­ing”. De­scribed by him as “a ba­sic es­sen­tial for a pro­fes­sional or every woman’s makeup kit”, it boasts four univer­sal shades that feel lightweight and leave a pearles­cent fin­ish. White and gold work as high­lighters, pink re­vives a dull com­plex­ion, and bronze warms up skin tones ef­fort­lessly for that sun-kissed look.

“What we want to do is to make easy prod­ucts that peo­ple can use to look as if a makeup artist had done your makeup for you,” says Philips of the en­tire col­lec­tion. “We don’t want to force women to have a pro­fes­sional makeup line in their bath­room. We want to pro­vide an easy-towear line, and put all our ex­per­tise into it to make a woman’s 15 min­utes in the bath­room eas­ier.”

We tried it: It cut the time we usu­ally spend on our makeup rou­tine by a third. And, we swear, the fin­ish looked so fine, one might have thought that Philips him­self was be­hind it. Guess you could say that, in a way, for any­one who uses the col­lec­tion, he very much al­ways will be.

The four shades are univer­sal, with the top two func­tion­ing as high­lighters, the pink to re­vive dull skin, and the bronze to lend warmth.“I’ve been us­ing this ever since (it came back from the lab). It’s re­ally the most amaz­ing pal­ette you can ever imagine, and it will last you a life­time,” says Philips. 'LRU %DFNVWDJH *ORZ )DFH 3DOHWWH

'LRU %DFNVWDJH (\H 3DOHWWHV HDFK “These pal­ettes are eas­ier to use than our 5 Couleurs eye­shadow pal­ettes, which have con­trast­ing colours and are more com­pli­cated. All the shades here match, so you can com­bine any of them.There are no mis­takes pos­si­ble.”

'LRU %DFNVWDJH %UXVKHV HDFK All 13 in the range are in­spired by Philips’ per­sonal favourites.You don’t need all though. “With a good se­lec­tion of ½ve to six brushes, you can do any type of makeup,” he says.

“There are four shades: the bot­tom two are matte to cre­ate a shadow, while the top two are a lit­tle pearles­cent and they cre­ate the high­light.They are not very strong, but are pig­mented in a way that you can build up.” 'LRU %DFNVWDJH &RQWRXU 3DOHWWH

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