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As an oҬicer at the Na­tional Parks Board’s Na­tive Plant Cen­tre, he con­serves and pro­motes en­demic species of botany. That some­what ac­tivist streak con­tin­ues here in his ar­range­ments that fea­ture the mauve red bract of the or­na­men­tal ba­nana (op­po­site) – “it has one of the most bizarre »ower struc­tures ever” – and Mus­saenda ery­thro­phylla “Dona Luz” (above), which some­how al­ways brings back mem­o­ries of his ’90s child­hood. He says: “My in­ten­tion is to show­case com­mon gar­den »ow­ers that are of­ten dis­re­garded, in a diҬer­ent light.” 4PYQI HI 'LERIP 7X]PM^IH *IEXLIV IEVVMRKW EFSZI ERH *MP HI 'SQIXI [EXGL STTSWMXI FSXL MR / [LMXI KSPH ERH [MXL HMEQSRHW 8S ½RH SYX QSVI EFSYX XLIWI ¾SVMWXW ZMWMX [[[ JIQEPIQEK GSQ WK

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