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As the face of Kenzo’s new Flower in the Air fragrance The Taiwanese actress and model shares her beauty secrets with BAZAAR


Do you have a beauty secret that you stole from your mother? I didn’t steal it, my mother gave me very good skin through her genes. I would say that my mother taught me the importance of beauty discipline and it is a very important thing indeed. The smell that moves you the most? I like the smell of the green and trees after a rainy summer day. I believe that after rain all of nature’s smells are enhanced. Also since having filmed the commercial film for Flower by Kenzo I associate this scent with Paris and every time I smell it, I am back into that dreamlike atmosphere. What do fragrances mean to you? Fragrances have the power of bringing back memories. Sometimes one also makes decisions based on scents. I remember dating a boy in my early twenties just because I liked his scent. On another occasion in Paris, someone passing by was wearing a scent an ex-boyfriend of mine used to wear, and I immediatel­y thought of him and turned to check whether it was him. What is your must-have beauty product? Definitely lip balm. I’m addicted to it and use it regularly on my lips to keep it hydrated especially during long work days. What are your tricks to a beautiful complexion after a sleep-deprived night? There’s nothing like a good, replenishi­ng night’s sleep. However, if I haven’t slept enough, I can fake great skin by using a mask, an intense moisturisi­ng cream and drinking a lot of water.

 ??  ?? Shu Qi for the Flower in the Air campaign
Shu Qi for the Flower in the Air campaign
 ??  ?? Flower In the Air EDP, $ 83 for 30ml, $116 for 50ml and $159 for 100ml
Flower In the Air EDP, $ 83 for 30ml, $116 for 50ml and $159 for 100ml

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