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Lo­tion P50T, $125

In the rapidly-evolv­ing world of skin­care, only a few prod­ucts emerge as best­sellers, and even fewer are el­e­vated to cult sta­tus, tak­ing up prime po­si­tion on the van­i­ties of dis­cern­ing beauty ad­dicts.

For the unini­ti­ated, Bi­ologique Recherche’s Lo­tion P50T has been de­scribed as a game changer in skin­care. Cre­ated over 40 years ago, the wa­tery ex­fo­lia­tor is de­signed to be used as the first step of your skin­care rou­tine af­ter cleans­ing to tone, hy­drate and bal­ance the skin’s pH lev­els—all in one swipe.

Con­tain­ing a po­tent com­bi­na­tion of AHA, BHA and PHA ex­fo­liants, each bot­tle takes five days to pro­duce. The for­mula works to give your skin an over­all glow over 50 days— “P” stands for peel­ing and “50” stands for the num­ber of days (that’s two epi­der­mal cy­cles)—as it boosts the epi­der­mis’ slug­gish nat­u­ral ex­fo­li­a­tion process.

Used pre­cisely and dili­gently, a sig­nif­i­cant skin trans­for­ma­tion awaits: Pesky acne clears up, skin tone is more even, and you’ll find your skin catch­ing light in all the right places. And be­cause this lo­tion is rich in anti-in­flam­ma­tory ac­tive ingredients, it’s also the gen­tlest ex­fo­lia­tor in the P50 fam­ily, mak­ing it great for those with sen­si­tive skin too.

First-timers will want to ease in by ap­ply­ing the lo­tion us­ing a damp­ened cot­ton pad mixed with Lo­tion P50T once a day all over the face, neck and cleav­age. Once your skin ad­justs to the so­lu­tion af­ter a week, sat­u­rate dry cot­ton pads with the lo­tion and use twice a day. It won’t be long be­fore this takes over your medicine cab­i­net.

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