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This South Korean creator, who recently painted Halsey for a music video, uses fantastica­l illusion art to shock, awe and spark self-reflection, be it in galleries or guerrilla-style "pop-ups" across the globe, fusing her face and body with iconic landmarks or objets d'art What does beauty mean to yo u a n d how does that translate into your work?

I believe beauty is when someone’s personalit­y shines through. It can’t be cookie cutter. It should be personal,and enhance one’s unique features and personalit­y. Consequent­ly, I don’t create my paintings to look beautiful; I create them to enhance what makes me unique.

What’s the furthest you’ve gone in the name of your art?

Self-expression is at the heart of what I do and I feel I’ve not gone far enough. I have so many ideas and see things on a much grander scale than the work I’ve done up until now. I’m very excited to work hard and make it all happen in the near future. The sky’s the limit!

What do you think is your most out-there creation to date, and what was the concept and creation process like?

I’d say the “hair nails”, which I feel is one of the wriest and wildest art pieces I’ve created. I felt my nails could also be my canvas because they’re part of my body too. So I painted different facial expression­s on them and even added my hair to make them look more realistic.

Your works spark all sorts of emotions and reactions. What keeps yo u creative and inspired?

My emotions have always been my inspiratio­n and I think that’s why my works spark the reactions they do, because they’re based on true feelings. I’m happy that people are affected by them. Painting is the language through which I express myself, in the same way a musician uses music to communicat­e emotions. I had a lot of time to myself when I was young—both my parents worked day jobs—and I think that has made me very sensitive to my emotions. Even when I just started painting—on canvases and papers back then—the subject matter was almost always people and emotions.

Tell us about your makeup and skincare routines.

Makeup-wise, it really depends on how I feel. If I don’t feel like putting on makeup, I don’t. If I feel like I want to do some kind of fancy look, I put on glitter or something. But recently, I don’t put on too much makeup. For now at least, I really enjoy the natural look. When it comes to my skin, I ensure that it stays hydrated, but I also don’t go overboard with too many products. I only use a toner, eye cream, serum and cream.

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