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In the past, you may have felt too shy or awkward to push yourself forward in a particular setting or get-together. Don’t be surprised, though, if your self-esteem suddenly soars and you become willing to prove you can be far more go-getting than usual. Might you stumble occasional­ly? Possibly. Will it be worth it? Definitely.



A fear of failure within a domestic environmen­t may prevent you from suggesting ways in which you or your loved ones can enhance your everyday surroundin­gs.When this situation gradually changes, you mustn’t be so gung-ho that you start taking risks. Be more innovative, but know your limitation­s.


20 FEBRUARY - 20 MARCH You’ve never disclosed the details of a secret hope or ambition to anyone, but around mid-December, when Jupiter befriends Uranus, you’ll decide to share your ideas with close ones who are unlikely to think you’re being too outlandish. Just don’t expect them to enthuse immediatel­y; they’ll need time.


21 MARCH - 20 APRIL Mounting pressure within an area that you have responsibi­lities in mustn’t be allowed to unnerve you.There’s a chance you’ll allow escalating demands to be made on you simply because you’re being too tough on yourself. Strive to be energetic and proactive, but also realistic about what can be achieved.


21 APRIL - 21 MAY

Some people around you may want to contribute to a complex scheme, but crowdfundi­ng isn’t for you.With the Sun at odds with Neptune, the only practical way forward is for you to work single-handedly and be the person responsibl­e for all financial matters. Quite rightly, you’re opting for reality rather than fantasy.


Having been forced to deal with money-related or career matters, you’ll be looking for signs that all’s well. Be patient and tell yourself that by the time of the solar eclipse on 26 December, your faith will be restored in a set-up that has been threatenin­g to implode. Remember: One particular individual is totally on your side.


22 MAY - 21 JUNE

Plotting ways in which you and others can pool your resources to accomplish something worthwhile will prove exciting. However, there are a number of stages to go through first. Putting checks and balances in place in the early stages will save you endless trouble further down the line. Let nobody try to persuade you otherwise.


22 JUNE - 23 JULY

Make it clear to those around you that you are taking good care of your ongoing duties and commitment­s. But promise yourself that you’ll also focus more on an aspect of a close relationsh­ip that has been suffering from neglect.The more optimistic and positive you appear to be, the better the outcome for all concerned.



Refuse to take too seriously a burden that has been foisted upon you by those who think you’re the best person for the job.Yes, you must be conscienti­ous, but such obligation­s mustn’t seep into every area of your existence. Just use your best endeavours to deliver results that everybody finds satisfacto­ry.


24 AUGUST - 23 SEPTEMBER Romantic, escapist pursuits will be exceptiona­lly appealing, but don’t put your credit card into meltdown as a result.With Jupiter entering Capricorn, you could be tempted to spend more than you can comfortabl­y afford, especially if trying to indulge, or impress, someone close.There are other means to show your best side.



The desire to travel, or at least escape from a set-up you find claustroph­obic, is about to overwhelm you. Deep down, you know, however, that you mustn’t leave anybody feeling deserted or abandon a long-term arrangemen­t.Taking a few steps back, even for just a short while, could help relieve the tension enormously right now.


24 OCTOBER - 22 NOVEMBER Money talk could prove infuriatin­g, especially if you are being subjected to the views and opinions of people who speak with great gusto and confidence on topics that they actually know very little about. Your challenge will be to remain polite and diplomatic while deftly steering those concerned away from any danger areas.

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