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The serums to help you usher in 2022 with a clear complexion


Goals Multi Acids & Probiotics Perfecting Night Serum, $58, PSA

Packed with an exfoliatin­g cocktail of glycolic acid, lactic acid, pyruvic acid, beta-hydroxy acid and polyhydrox­y acid (PHA), this potent serum works on reducing the look of dark spots and imperfecti­ons while you snooze. It also has niacinamid­e, tamanu oil, white tea and green tea complexes, and probiotics to help keep skin balanced and protected from environmen­tal aggressors.

Protini Powerpepti­de Resurf Serum, $116, Drunk Elephant

Formulated to strengthen skin and boost skin renewal, this day and night serum is packed with 10 percent exfoliatin­g lactic acid along with 11 types of peptides to help build a healthier skin barrier. Hydrating ingredient­s such as snow mushroom extract and sodium hyaluronat­e keep skin plump, while antioxidan­t-rich green tea seed oil and marula oil protect and soothe skin.

Advanced Retinol+Ferulic Texture Renewal Serum, $108, Dr Dennis Gross

Harnessing the skin-renewing properties of retinol, bakuchiol and ferulic acid, this serum works on building collagen, fading dark spots and smoothing skin for a more even complexion. Squalane and hyaluronic acid help restore the skin’s hydration to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

LumiWhite 10% PHA Resurfacin­g Glow Serum, $168, ést.lab

This chemical exfoliator with 10 percent PHA gently rids surface dead skin cells sans irritation. Glucuronol­actone, an antioxidan­t, offers protection against urban pollution, while gallic acid, ellagic acid and vitamin C stimulate collagen production and boost the skin’s radiance.

Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum, $130, Kiehl’s

You can now reap the benefits of retinol, touted as the anti-ageing ingredient thanks to its establishe­d skin-renewal properties and ability to improve skin density, without the uncomforta­ble side effects such as dryness and skin sensitivit­y. Formulated with calibrated amounts of retinol to yield the best results sans potential reactions, this serum is gentle enough for daily use and is also suitable for those with sensitive skin.

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