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Moda Operandi co-founder LAUREN SANTO DOMINGO on her unicorn travel bag


I think a lot of people would say their most timeless pieces are straightfo­rward, but I like mine to have a little something extra. They’re things I won’t find anywhere else. I want them to feel rooted in a certain time, a certain moment, a certain trend, because that’s what’s fun about wearing archival pieces. My extra-large Hermès travel bag is a quirky cousin of the traditiona­l Birkin and feels a lot more personal. In 10, 20, even 30 years, it will still amuse and excite me. I really like Hermès bags, but I prefer uncommon shapes, not the standard Birkin or the Kelly. I’d been looking for this luggage style for a very long time. They’re hard to track down, so when I came across one a year ago, I was thrilled and had to get it. Outside of its outrageous­ness, it has a great sense of quality and is just so practical. It fits an incredible amount and is beyond a weekender bag; it’s like a long-weekender bag. Because it’s canvas, it’s much lighter than my other suitcases. I travel alone a lot, and it’s something I can manage myself. It also makes me more mindful. I’ve been known to leave my passport behind from time to time, but when I’m travelling with this bag, I guard it like a hawk. So by default, it keeps my passport safe too. ■

 ?? ?? THE GOOD BUY: Hermès Haut à Courroies bag
THE GOOD BUY: Hermès Haut à Courroies bag

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