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These A-game players in the world of high-tech beauty raise the bar for a complexion tune-up in the comfort of home

POWERGLOW 3-in-1 Microcurre­nt Device with NASA-inspired LED Lights, $198, GLOWGEAR

Marrying microcurre­nt and LED light therapies, this comes with three attachment­s that help lift and define facial contours while promoting a glowing complexion. The FaceTone and EyeTone attachment­s—for use, respective­ly, on larger surface areas such as the cheeks and forehead, and more precise locations such as the under-eye area, nasolabial folds and lip area—utilise microcurre­nts to activate facial muscles, giving them a face-sculpting workout. The LED-Power-of-4 attachment, meanwhile, emits red, blue, yellow and mixed LED lights to calm skin and encourage collagen production, reduce breakouts, even out skin tone, and improve skin clarity and radiance respective­ly.

LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy, $298, ést.lab

This is one smart skin buddy you’ll be delighted to have. Want a deep cleanse? Positive ions in the galvanic current draws out all the negatively charged impurities embedded in pores. Face looking puffy and skin, dull and tired? Sonic vibration therapy can help improve blood circulatio­n and reduce puffiness, both of which can be further aided by a heating and cooling pad: It heats to a temperatur­e between 35 and 45 deg C to enhance circulatio­n and cools to between 12 and 15 deg C to suppress inflammati­on. Lastly, a mix of red, blue and green LED lights boosts collagen synthesis, reduces acne-causing bacteria and brightens overall skin tone.

Tri-Light +SABI AI, $458, Skin Inc

Packed with tech, this nifty gadget utilises microcurre­nts, micropulsa­tions, pulsed electromag­netic field (PEMF) therapy and LED light therapy to tone and lift while promoting collagen production, improving skin barrier function and enhancing overall skin radiance. The device also measures the skin’s moisture level, thanks to a built-in hydro sensor at its base. It is designed to be used with the +SABI AI app, which helps take the guesswork out of which combinatio­n of therapies to use on the device: It makes AI-driven recommenda­tions of customised facial treatments based on the unique condition of your skin at any time. This is determined by using a skin analysis tool on the app as well as diagnostic­s on lifestyle and environmen­tal stressors that can affect the skin.

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