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An American in Paris, Owens is a designer that one cannot fit easily, if at all, into a box. Like the best of American sportswear, his clothes are built with an innate sense of athleticis­m and movement. But instead of sunny and breezy, Owens’s vision is dark, twisted and severe—think techno club instead of country club. It is an aesthetic he has honed since he started his brand in the early Nineties—part silver screen glamour, part Brutalist edge; Madeleine Vionnet meets Edward Scissorhan­ds. In the noughties and early 2010s, Owens’ shrunken leather jackets, drop-crotch pants and mutant sneakers were everywhere. Today, the designer has evolved his exploratio­n of volume to focus more on giant-shouldered coats that protect the body; and kinky, slinky pieces that show it off. The throughlin­e is Owens’ alluring blend of the primal and paganistic with the futuristic and synthetic—peppered with a touch of the grotesque. Headed by his wife and partner, Michele Lamy, the Rick Owens line of furniture extends that aesthetic into the world of interiors.

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