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The latest K-beauty skincare trend is a do-it-all product that fits compactly into your purse and lifestyle


Glass skin, snail mucin, BB cushions... South Korea is known for kick-starting beauty trends, with the latest K-beauty must-have coming in the form of the multi balm—a nifty little stick that packs a multitude of skincare goodness.

Convenient­ly packaged in a twist-up tube that makes reapplicat­ion a breeze, it lets you indulge in a quick beauty tune-up for times when your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow for a time-intensive 10-step routine. Its streamline­d applicatio­n also means that you’re able to minimise contact with potentiall­y germ-ridden hands—which makes complete sense in these post-pandemic times.

Enter KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm ($35). Launched in 2020, it was born out of the idea of creating a product that could be used anytime, anywhere, convenient­ly and effortless­ly.

Its high-performanc­e ingredient­s—salmon complex, collagen and sodium DNA—hydrate, boost skin elasticity, and minimise the appearance of wrinkles and pores, while fermented oils harvested from Jeju help lock in moisture.

Then, there’s the fact that the multi balm, packed with skincare benefits, also doubles as a quick makeup fix. It can be used as a highlighte­r (just swipe it over cheekbones for a subtle, dewy glow) or dab a small amount on areas where your foundation has creased to smooth and refresh your complexion. It can even be used to control flyaways and manage hair static—making it a hardworkin­g product for busy women.

The KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm made several appearance­s in the Korean drama series The King: Eternal Monarch, where it was used by the female protagonis­t played by fresh-faced actress Kim Go Eun. It became so popular with Korean netizens, it was touted as the “Kim Go Eun balm”. Eagle-eyed K-drama fans will also have seen the pink tube popping up in many other dramas. Its ubiquity meant that online searches for the Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm shot up from 100,000 to 12 million in just a year. More than 10 million sticks have been sold as of February 2022, according to the brand’s Marketing Director, Jake Yi.

With its myriad of uses, it’s no wonder this the sleek stick format has scored big with women. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting more than one for your vanity and purse.

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