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Corsets are shaping up to be more than a fleeting trend. Falling out of fashion around the early 1900s, they made a resurgence between the 1970s and 1990s, reimagined as outerwear by Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler. Tom Ford, Stella McCartney and Nicolas Ghesquière have incorporat­ed corsetry elements in their collection­s. But it was Netflix period drama Bridgerton that brought the corset back into mainstream consciousn­ess, along with pastel frocks, puffed sleeves and pearls. Unlike its rigid predecesso­rs, the contempora­ry corset is not so much about carving out a body silhouette: In the hands of different designers, the corset is by turns sporty, high-tech, seductive and sophistica­ted. Collaborat­ing with adidas, Gucci sent an athleisure version layered over an almost gothic dress down the runway. An airbag corset on Dior’s classic Bar jacket encased the body in a layer of protection, like modern armour, while Versace sexed things up with an underbust corset teamed with a mini dress and latex leggings. At Fendi, a shirting-inspired corset was worn over a crisp button-up. Burberry revisited the classics with a beautiful lace corset styled over a sheer top, pleated skirt and leather boots, in a monochrome play of textures. ■

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