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Augustinus Bader is a beauty brand with both science and social currency in spades. Co-founded by German doctor Augustinus Bader and financier Charles Rosier, its Blue Cream has amassed legions of A-list fans, all of whom swear by the formulas and associated stem cell technology for luminous skin. Rosier and Bader recently closed US$25 million (S$38 million) in funding, cementing them as a billion-dollar business just four years postlaunch. “We’re the only emerging luxury skincare and haircare brand with a real chance to disrupt the hierarchy of establishe­d players,” says Rosier. “We’ve already broken out from the emerging brands, and with our current growth trajectory, we’ll be there in a few years.”

The original Cream and Rich Cream continue to be crowd favourites, but the offering has grown into a complete suite of skincare, haircare and ingestible­s. As for the year ahead, the newness will slow down, but not the scientific approach. “My approach has always come more from a medical standpoint than a traditiona­l beauty developer,” Bader explains. The hero ingredient, a patented amino acid compound called TCF8, is from the field of epigenetic­s, a space both Bader and Rosier believe will continue to grow in the coming years (in part due to Bader’s revolution­ary research, which began as a means to treat burns). Its efficacy is in its ability to improve cell communicat­ion, a process that breaks down as we age. “An improvemen­t in intracellu­lar communicat­ion could counteract ageing processes in a physiologi­cal manner,” Bader says. When our cells don’t “talk” properly, healthy skin functions stop working, resulting in signs of ageing, pigmentati­on and dullness.

Instead of industry trends, every AB formula begins with the clinically backed ingredient, a new-wave approach that’s only set to grow. They’re also glowing proof that indie brands are the future, and that cutting-edge technology will be the determinin­g factor between those who succeed in skincare, and those who don’t. “We don’t think we’re a skincare company branching into different things,” concludes Rosier. “We’re a technology platform that adapts it into products for people looking for solutions.”

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