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There’s a frisson of excitement in fashion right now. It’s not as obvious as the Barbie-core moment that turned the world pink for a month or two. It’s a lot subtler— this melding of sexes where men and women are experiment­ing with interchang­eable wardrobes. It started a couple of summers back with the whole baby T and cropped tops moment. That style developed into tank tops for everyone, which then became strategic cut-outs on barely there clothes, with skirts, eyeliner and nail polish for all genders. I’ve seen the men in my team blossom as they raid the beauty and fashion closets for inspo. Joe, our social media manager thinks nothing of toting his Birkin with knee-high boots, short shorts and bling on every finger, for a 10am meeting in the office. Ditto, Brandon, our newly appointed content producer who wears dazzling suits, sparkling necklaces and brooches—all with the highest heels. Navin, our digital content manager, has a manicure Paris Hilton would die for and his visage is always flawless, as is his mostly monochroma­tic wardrobe. Jeffrey, our associate fashion director, loves a filmy oversize blouse buttoned only below the navel, with his shock of curly locks always purposeful­ly dishevelle­d. Even our creative director, Windy, a proud married father of two boys, is not against lining his eyes and curling his amazing lashes for the camera when the occasion calls for it.

Some may say this feminisati­on of menswear has taken years to happen, but I have seen and experience­d it for decades—it was just never celebrated the way it is now. So, when Jeffrey raised his hand to write about how an injection of womenswear codes into the realm of menswear is making men chicer than ever, I applauded. Read ‘All in the Femme’ on page 150 which charts the rise and rise of a softer, more spirited man. A guy who’s in touch and in love with showing a li’l Fendi shoulder here (ahem, that’s me), or a lot of Saint Laurent chest there. The women on my team, on the other hand, are storming into the office with Prada combat boots, oversize tees and big baggy cargoes. In contrast, their faces are painted with silver liner, lots of blush and a cupid’s bow lip in matte berry. It’s refreshing to see such a wonderful kaleidosco­pe of styles. Even the biggest fashion houses are no longer pushing out trend after trend. Instead, they are going back to the hallmarks of what make them so special—Chanel’s tweed, Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking, Hermès’ quiet luxury, McQueen’s tailoring, Prada’s simplicity and Dolce’s lingerie dressing. Our extensive ‘Collection­s Report,’ page 78, details how fabulous, considered and meaningful fashion is today—and it’s not just another fantasy gown. Fashion has grown up and is celebratin­g you. Open yourself up to the possibilit­ies—and remember, powder and puff never ever hurt anyone.

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