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That sinking feeling you get when your vacation winds up? These tips will help you get your groove back.


think positive

Going back to work after a

holiday often feels like a drag. Pre-empt that feeling by reminding yourself why you love your job. “Keep in mind what you are grateful for and appreciate. This can help shake off negative

feelings,” says Sheryl Bathman, director and psychother­apist at Lifesteps. List the plus points of your job, such as your great colleagues, so you won’t dread your first day

back so much.

have something to look forward to

Be it an anniversar­y dinner with your husband or a catch-up session with your girlfriend­s, always have something to look forward to once your vacation ends. It doesn’t even have to be an “event” that you need to plan in advance. For instance, while still on holiday, you could get a haircut or buy a new dress – “Wear it on your first day back to work,” suggests Angela Tan, an associate certified life coach at coaching organisati­on Executive Coach Internatio­nal. The thought of debuting your new ’do or outfit to your colleagues will make heading to the office an exciting prospect.

ease into work

“Try not to return to work immediatel­y,” says Jan. “Take a few days to ease in and return to work on a Thursday or Friday so the week isn’t that daunting.” Jan also recommends spending the few extra days unpacking. Putting things in order will refresh you and give you a sense of accomplish­ment. These positive feelings will follow you back to work too, she adds.

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