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Ultraforme­r Hifu III


Hifu (High-intensity Focused Ultrasound) is known as the only non-invasive medical technology that delivers precise, highly targeted ultrasound waves to heat collagen bres to approximat­ely 65 to 75 deg C to “wound” them, which triggers healing and collagen production for tightened and lifted skin. The downside: it has a reputation for being extremely painful, with patients sometimes even requesting sedation. Ultraforme­r Hifu III is a third-generation machine that reportedly addresses this problem: The claim is that instead of searing pain from the pulses, all you’ll feel is a mild ache around bony areas such as the jawline. Bonus: the machine comes with a larger handpiece for use on the body, which was previously unavailabl­e. According to Dr Yingzhou Tan, medical director at Simplistiq Aesthetic Clinic, who offers the device, “its ultrasound waves can penetrate to deeper depths of up to 16mm to tighten skin and reduce fats.” From $1,400 per session.

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