It’s a proven an­tiox­i­dant whether it’s green, white or black. What it is also re­port­edly good at now: be­ing a skin hy­dra­tor and ir­ri­ta­tion soother.

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This proven an­tiox­i­dant is now a hy­drat­ing soother, too.

Green tea has a lot of some­thing cof­fee doesn’t have: thea­nine, an amino acid found to im­prove skin hy­dra­tion and quell in­flam­ma­tion. Both ac­tions are cru­cial as they help lessen sen­si­tiv­ity, dark spots and zits brought on by in­flam­ma­tion.

These find­ings are re­port­edly sup­ported by a Korean univer­sity study which found that tea (green, black or white) is more ef­fec­tive than even ar­butin as a melan­in­buster. And the point isn’t lost on Clin­ique and Innisfree. The for­mer brand added Ja­panese gyokuro green tea to some of its Even Bet­ter bright­en­ing prod­ucts, while the lat­ter spent more than 10 years cul­ti­vat­ing a new tea va­ri­ety it calls Beauty Green Tea, said to have far higher lev­els of amino acids than the tea pre­vi­ously used in its prod­ucts, for bet­ter mois­tur­is­ing punch.

Tea also has caf­feine and tan­nins that soothe red­ness and ir­ri­ta­tion by con­strict­ing mi­cro blood ves­sels. Be­ing as­trin­gent, tan­nins pro­vide se­bum­con­trol too, and min­imise the look of en­larged pores.

Hong Kong’s Sa Sa has brought in Teaol­ogy, an Ital­ian brand that taps the ben­e­fits of teas for skin and body. In place of wa­ter and tea ex­tracts, its prod­ucts have pure tea in­fu­sions – which the brand says is unique in the mar­ket. The use of a patent-pend­ing hot in­fu­sion tech­nol­ogy is said to al­low ac­tive in­gre­di­ents from the tea leaves to be ex­tracted and main­tained so the skin re­ceives the max­i­mum ben­e­fits.

Blithe Pat­ting Splash Mask Sooth­ing & Heal­ing Green Tea is a liq­uid mask with lac­tic acid, sal­i­cylic acid and tea tree leaf oil to ex­fo­li­ate, re­fresh and calm ac­ne­prone skin. Use it as an in-shower rinse-off mask, or add to a bowl of wa­ter and splash on gen­er­ously. $54

Clin­ique Even Bet­ter Brighter Essence Lo­tion has gyokuro, a top-grade Ja­panese green tea whose har­vest­ing process cre­ates high lev­els of thea­nine and caf­feine in the leaves. $72

Fresh Black Tea Kom­bucha Fa­cial Treat­ment Essence has fer­mented black tea for anti-pol­lu­tion, -dull­ness, -de­hy­dra­tion, -sen­si­tiv­ity and -clogged pores ben­e­fits. $108

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum has nu­tri­en­trich wa­ter from spe­cially cul­ti­vated green tea, which has 16 more skin­mois­tur­is­ing amino acids than reg­u­lar green va­ri­eties. $37

Teaol­ogy White Tea Mir­a­cle Drops, an anti-age­ing con­cen­trate, has white tea – the va­ri­ety with the high­est an­tiox­i­dant con­tent among all teas. $62

Laneige White Dew Vita Cap­sule Sleep­ing Mask has green tea for clearer, more translu­cent skin the morn­ing af­ter you ap­ply it. $28 for eight cap­sules

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