While these detox skin, they have tra­di­tion­ally been in­cred­i­bly dry­ing. So it seems like an oxy­moron to call them “hydrating”. But the new ones do give your face mois­ture.

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They still detox your skin but don’t leave it feel­ing dry and tight.

Some sim­ple sci­ence about how detox­i­fy­ing masks work: Tox­ins have a pos­i­tive charge; clay and charcoal have a neg­a­tive charge. The neg­a­tive draws out the pos­i­tive, which is how the skin detox hap­pens.

But while they’re good for clear­ing out tox­ins, clay and charcoal are also no­to­ri­ously dry­ing. Your skin is now clean, but it is also dry, tight and even flaky. Why? Be­cause the mask has sucked up both the bad stuff and mois­ture from your skin.

The new detox masks are more bal­anced. They’re even nour­ish­ing enough for dry skin. They have hydrating in­gre­di­ents such as honey (in Ori­gins’ Clear Im­prove­ment Charcoal Honey Mask) as well as glyc­er­ine (in L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Mask Hy­dra­tion), a nat­u­ral humec­tant that draws mois­ture from the air into the skin.

Cao­lion’s Magic Black Pow­der Re­ju­ve­nat­ing Mask has tiny black cap­sules that burst on con­tact to re­lease grape ex­tract, an­other pow­er­ful mois­tur­is­ing in­gre­di­ent.

Hydrating as they may now be, these are still not hydrating masks, so you need to use a mois­turiser af­ter. But your skin will feel both clean and com­fort­able.

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