Why Are You Still Not Us­ing Sun Pro­tec­tion?

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You slather it on when you’re at the beach. But maybe you don’t bother with it on a cloudy day? Or you don’t like how it leaves a whitish cast and sticky feel on skin, and takes for­ever to be ab­sorbed? If so, it’s time to try Eau Ther­male Avène’s new sun­screen, which is so pleas­ant to use, you’ll want to ap­ply it every day. It’s not un­com­mon to hear women be­moan how their skin looks dull and older than it should. But ask th­ese same women if they use sun­screen reg­u­larly, and the an­swer is al­most al­ways no. And that’s a big no-no.

You have to wear sun­screen every day, whether it’s sunny or cloudy or rainy out­side. You should wear it even when you’re in­doors, as UV rays from the sun can pen­e­trate glass. UV ex­po­sure de­stroys skin cells and causes the skin to pro­duce dark pig­ments called melanin. The re­sult of all this dam­age: wrin­kles and dark spots, which tend to ap­pear ear­lier in life if you don’t use sun­screen reg­u­larly.

What’s worse: If you skip sun­screen long enough, the skin cells that pro­duce melanin go hay­wire and con­tinue to pro­duce it even when you are not in the sun.

Decades ago, sun­screens were thick and gooey, slow to be ab­sorbed, and left a white tint on skin. Some for­mu­las didn’t sink into skin prop­erly, and mixed with foun­da­tion in a bad way. Is it any won­der that for years, so many women pre­ferred to just avoid sun­screen al­to­gether?

But sun­screen tech­nol­ogy has im­proved by leaps and bounds. Ad­vances in cos­metic sci­ence have made the for­mu­las of to­day a plea­sure to use. Which is the case with the Eau Ther­male Avène Very High Pro­tec­tion SPF50+ Fluid.

What makes it so won­der­ful? It’s ab­sorbed quickly and feels weight­less. On nor­mal to com­bi­na­tion skin, it has a matte, nat­u­ral nish that’s nei­ther sticky nor greasy. The wa­ter-re­sis­tant for­mula does not leave a white tint ei­ther.

It is also suitable for sen­si­tive skin as it comes in­fused with Eau Ther­male Avène Ther­mal Spring Wa­ter, which is known for its sooth­ing, anti-ir­ri­tant and soft­en­ing prop­er­ties.

And it con­tains the renowned Pierre Fabre Re­search Sun­si­tive® Pro­tec­tion, which is meant to keep the for­mula sta­ble in the face of UVA and UVB rays.

To fur­ther slow down pre­ma­ture signs of skin age­ing, the sun­screen has an an­tiox­i­dant com­plex to pro­tect skin cells.

As a bonus, fans of green beauty will ap­pre­ci­ate know­ing that the sun­screen is biodegrad­able, so it won’t harm ma­rine life.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about us­ing too lit­tle or too much. The air­less pump dis­penses just the right amount for your face each time. It truly is the per­fect ev­ery­day sun­screen.

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