Put Your Joint Pains to Rest

Body aches and joint pains are the last things on your mind when you’re in your sprightly 20s. But in your late 30s, your daily rou­tine may sud­denly get dis­rupted by chronic pain.


You are re­luc­tant to climb the stairs or go out for long pe­ri­ods of time be­cause your back and knees are killing you. What you don’t know is that these aren’t nec­es­sar­ily signs of old age. Chances are, your food in­take and life­style are con­tribut­ing to your dis­com­fort.

Women are nat­u­rally more sus­cep­ti­ble to var­i­ous joint prob­lems as they have lower peak bone mass and mus­cu­la­ture than men do. Child­bear­ing and menopause also take a toll on bone strength and den­sity. Fur­ther­more, di­et­ing fer­vently or hav­ing too much of your favourite col­la­gen hot­pot will put you at risk of gout and var­i­ous vi­ta­min decien­cies. Add an in­ac­tive life­style to all that, and your body will start send­ing you warn­ing signs.

On the other end of the spec­trum are women who are

“too ac­tive”. High­in­ten­sity sports can put a strain on your knees and an­kles. Ac­cord­ing to Dr Henry Chan, a con­sul­tant orthopaedic sur­geon, 80-90 per cent of pa­tients un­der­go­ing joint re­place­ment surg­eries are women, and one in three women over the age of 50 will ex­pe­ri­ence os­teo­porotic frac­tures in their life­time.

Land­ing awk­wardly after a stren­u­ous leap is enough to tear our menis­cus (a C-shaped struc­ture that sta­bilises and evenly dis­trib­utes our weight) and lig­a­ments in our knees. Tears in your menis­cus and lig­a­ments will re­sult in per­sis­tent pain, swelling and lim­ited range of mo­tion.

Platelet- rich­plasma (PRP) in­jec­tion is the lat­est and most ad­vanced method that har­nesses your body’s nat­u­ral heal­ing power to treat less se­ri­ous mus­cu­loskele­tal is­sues.

PRP in­jec­tions are ap­plied di­rectly to the in­jured ten­dons and lig­a­ments. The process is sim­ple: Blood is drawn from the pa­tient, and the “good­ies” ex­tracted from it are in­jected di­rectly to the in­jured ten­dons and lig­a­ments. The in­jec­tions are re­puted to be 100 per cent safe with min­i­mal down­time, and can be done as an out­pa­tient clinic pro­ce­dure.

Don’t al­low chronic pain to con­tinue, or you’ll be plagued by a stiff back, painful knees and aching heels. In­stead of reach­ing for over-the- counter med­i­ca­tion, con­sult an ex­pert for a thor­ough ex­am­i­na­tion.

“Bro­ken bones = bro­ken lives; 20 per cent of pa­tients die within one year after an os­teo­porotic hip frac­ture.” – Dr Henry Chan

Dr Henry Chan of HC Orthopaedic Surgery is an orthopaedic sur­geon who spe­cialises in bone health. He of­fers in-depth con­sul­ta­tions, bone-screen­ing ser­vices and PRP in­jec­tions.

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