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Did you know that the first Shiseido hair salon opened in 1922? It brought the latest hairstyles to Japanese women, as well as manicures and facials.

Since then, the brand has been creating the best technology in its services and products. Every salon consultati­on is tailored to your needs. And the journey continues at home, with the Sublimic range that maintains lustrous hair and a healthy scalp.

There’s the Airy Flow series to tame unruly hair, Aqua Intensive to repair damage, and Luminoforc­e, for coloured hair. And for the scalp: Adenovital for hair loss or thinning, and Fuente Forte, for an oily/dry scalp, and dandruff.


Shiseido Profession­al’s cuttingedg­e tech is found in its in-salon chemical services, as well as its hair and scalp care.

Sublimic caters to a wide range of needs. Its Hair Reforming Technology “reshapes” distorted (aka damaged) hair, allowing it to better retain moisture and become easier to manage.

The Self Moisturizi­ng Technology, on the other hand, is borne out of Shiseido skin research – and the discovery that skin produces natural moisturisi­ng factors (NMF). This ability to generate its own moisture helps strengthen the scalp.

More unique to Shiseido Profession­al is its specially created scent – the Uplifting Aroma, which leaves you feeling positive and uplifted.


For the scalp: Sublimic Adenovital Scalp Treatment, $150

Using Sublimic Salon Solutions (Advanced Care) products, the treatment addresses scalp health and hair strength. After a scalp analysis, the hair is washed, followed by serum applicatio­n, then a scalp tonic. The revitalisi­ng citrus and mint scent give added pampering too.

Colouring service:

Crazy Colour, from $300

You can easily achieve the hair colour of your dreams, using Shiseido Profession­al Colormuse, a vivid colour range, and Bleach Master, a unique bleaching line made for pigment-rich Asian hair.

All it took was two rounds of bleaching to get our tester’s hair ready for the mix of peach, violet and ocean hues that added depth to her hair. The colour service includes a scalp protectant.

For the hair: Sublimic Aqua Intensive Express Treatment, from $128

Ideal for hair damaged and weakened by repeated chemical treatments, or if your hair is generally dry. The treatment restores moisture to hair with repairing Sublimic Salon Solutions products.

Hair is left soft and smooth. It also feels healthy, and is less prone to tangles and breakage. Plus, there are also home care products to maintain the treatment results.

For salon listings, visit Shiseidopr­ofessional.com/en-SG.

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Check out all the Her World Hair Awards 2021 winners at Herworld.com.
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