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“I’m not ready to settle down” is a common thing that guys tell girls during a break-up. And a lot of girls take that answer at face value, only to find their ex, who was “so not ready to settle down”, settling down with the next girl he meets. Cue the indignatio­n. But did that guy really lie to you?

The fact is people, regardless of gender, change their minds about their lives all the time. You can genuinely not be ready for marriage, then find yourself proposing to someone a year later. Life is anything but predictabl­e. Circumstan­ces, needs, wants, and desires all change with time, so don’t feel slighted if this has happened to you.

The honest truth might also be that your ex – the one who told you he wasn’t ready for marriage, only to end up marrying the next girl he took to coffee – just might not have been ready for marriage with you. And yeah, that sort of hurts to acknowledg­e, but it’s better to be with someone who wants to be with you, than someone you have to convince to be with you.

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