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The vegan skincare brand is one of the few companies in the world to use Brazilian cane sugar to make squalene, an exceptiona­l skin hydrator, replacing the need to kill sharks for shark liver oil – Biossance says it saves over two million sharks a year. The cane sugar is bio-fermented and makes a perfect match with the skin to lock in hydration.

It also uses its expertise to create biodegrada­ble packaging, including glass containers and plant-derived plastics.

Virtue Labs

Founded by Dr Luke Burnett, a retired US Army colonel, the brand discovered a way to extract human keratin in its purest form, to help with wound healing and tissue regrowth – its Alpha Keratin 60ku is extracted from ethically sourced human hair. An accidental discovery was that it could also repair hair. The body recognises this labcreated protein and treats it as its own, binding it directly to areas of damage. The product repairs almost instantane­ously, increasing moisture levels and thickness.

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