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With Bausch + Lomb’s ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses, you’ll enjoy 16 hours of moisturisi­ng comfort all-day long


If wearing contact lenses is causing you blurred vision or irritation and affecting your quality of life, you have two choices: don that backup pair of spectacles you have by your bedside, or look for lenses designed for long-lasting wear.

Most will welcome Bausch + Lomb’s new ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses. These daily disposable silicone hydrogel lenses aim to provide a whole new lens-wearing experience, with a next-generation contact lens material (kalifilcon A), plus the dual action of two innovative technologi­es that work in sync to provide comfort for up to 16 hours.

The Advanced MoistureSe­al Technology retains

96 per cent of lens moisture for moisturisi­ng comfort all-day long, while ComfortFee­l Technology enriches the lenses

with a solution containing moisturise­rs, conditione­rs, osmoprotec­tants, and electrolyt­es to help promote a healthy and stable ocular environmen­t.

Whether you’re a longtime lens wearer suffering from discomfort or an active individual with a physically demanding lifestyle, ULTRA® ONE DAY is formulated to fit into your daily routine seamlessly.

According to a recent study of contact lenses wearers, respondent­s agree that ULTRA® ONE DAY provides hydration throughout the day, reduced irritation and discomfort, and also prevents the eyes from feeling tired at the end of the day. Ticking all the right boxes, ULTRA® ONE DAY boasts breathabil­ity, weightless­ness, reliable UVA/UVB* protection, easy handling, and most importantl­y, comfortabl­e and clear vision all day long.

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