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Improve your skin’s resilience


Having stronger and more resilient skin means it can recover more quickly from internal and external aggressors, including pollution, UV damage or stress, which can all cause premature ageing. And as the saying goes, you are what you eat – so it’s no surprise that getting the right amount of nutrition can also help improve your skin.

That’s where Kinohimits­u Collagen Green Caviar comes in. Each bottle contains 5,300mg of marine collagen, green caviar extract and phytonutri­ents. This cocktail of skin-boosting nutrients is said to help strengthen skin’s resilience, reducing signs of photo-ageing, and improving hydration, elasticity and luminosity. Just take one bottle a day for six consecutiv­e days, then reduce to one bottle every two days after.

Kinohimits­u Collagen Green Caviar is priced at $49.90

(50g x 10 bottles). Available at sg.kinohimits­u.com.

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