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Airin’s shortlist of beauty and fashion personalit­ies she admires.


1 @pernillete­isbaek

PERNILLE TEISBAEK, STYLIST AND CREATIVE CONSULTANT She has a great sense of humour in her posts, and yet somehow she’s also so effortless! I love that she recently collaborat­ed with Mango, where the pieces are so well-tailored for the everyday woman. She looks so beautiful naturally, keeping her complexion clean and sleek so that her outfits can be the talk of the town.


MOLLY CHIANG, INFLUENCER The “goddess of Taiwan”. I’ve been following Molly from when she had 200K followers, and saw how experiment­al she was with her looks. She’s the full package when it comes to dressing up – she’s courageous enough to trust her makeup artist and hairstylis­t to work with her to create a certain look for her feed. I find it inspiring whenever she posts something new, and I always look forward to her content.

3 @kiwileehan


Kiwi is more known for her street style, straight bangs and super sharp eyeliner. She has a style that’s more edgy and whimsical, which is why I enjoy following her.



Ji Young was previously Vogue Korea’s digital director, and her style is what I would call the ultimate modern classic look that’s trending in Korea. I love how Korean cult products are quite different from the ones in Taiwan or the Nordic countries. Her styling is more sporty and luxe than timeless or edgy.

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