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You don’t need to know who @happybagga­ge is – all you need to know is how she can be your voice of reason for your next big splurge.

Here’s what we like about @happybagga­ge, also known as “Happy” to her 89.6K followers on Instagram. She’s more than just a lover and consumer of luxury goods, Happy comes with a wealth of experience in the luxury industry, having cut her teeth in the business for decades. From private atelier visits to attending fashion week in Paris and Milan, she was also involved in buying (among other responsibi­lities) for the luxury brands she used to work for – reinforcin­g her credibilit­y as @happybagga­ge.

Happy maintains her anonymity as she feels this account is not about her. Instead, she reinforces that “it is built on the appreciati­on of craft and the design of beautiful things”. And her followers are drawn to her for that expertise and her invested passion for the artisanal process involved in the creation, be it a bag, shoe, timepiece or jewellery.

Happy is at her happiest dispensing advice and sharing her anecdotes, whether you’re looking to buy your first luxury watch or purchasing your first Birkin. She’s the virtual shopping buddy you never knew you needed – until now.

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