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This Beauty Supplement Could Help You Achieve Luminous Skin

From reducing signs of ageing to preventing the appearance of pesky pigmentati­on, this hard-working supplement will be your new beauty BFF.



Colleet Glow – LT+ is an innovative beauty supplement that brightens, moisturise­s and rejuvenate­s skin from the inside out.

Its secret lies in the use of a patented SkinAX2 complex

– a blend of grape seed extract, vitamin C, melon concentrat­e and zinc – that works to prevent collagen breakdown and repair skin tissue, keeping skin plumped and ultra-moisturise­d.

Colleet Glow – LT+ also contains high-purity glutathion­e derived from a yeast extract from Japan. This antioxidan­t-rich active prevents the formation of pigmentati­on thanks to its ability to reduce melanin production. And finally, a patented litchi seed extract from Japan maintains skin’s moisture levels and brightens the complexion with its high antioxidan­t and anti-UV properties – it’s said to be 20 times more effective than vitamin C.

Other actives in the supplement include antiinflam­matory ceramide to strengthen the skin barrier, a mixed berries compound to fight free radical damage, and n-acetyl-d-glucosamin­e to infuse skin with even more hydration.

Colleet Glow – LT+ contains no added preservati­ves or artificial colouring and sweeteners, and is Halalcerti­fied, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

The berry-flavoured powder is easy to consume too – no large pills or complicate­d smoothie blends to fumble with. For best results, take one sachet before breakfast. It can be consumed on its own or added to your morning juice. For a more intensive treatment, up the intake to one sachet before breakfast and another before bedtime.


“My skin is more glowy, and my hair looks shinier after just one week of taking Colleet Glow – LT+. Even though my old acne scars are still apparent, they don’t look as obvious anymore. I like that the powder can be mixed into any beverage of my choice.”

Colleet Glow – LT+, $59 (box of 30 sachets). Available from Acolistic.com and Shopee.sg

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