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1 We prioritise mental well-being and look after one another

“Besides offering flexible work arrangemen­ts, our company organises biannual retreats for staff, to give them a break and help them recharge. We also check in with one another regularly to make sure we’re all doing well mentally. Caring for and looking after one another are big priorities for us – this translates to higher efficiency and a better attitude during the workday. We celebrate one another’s achievemen­ts, too, and catch up every fortnight for about an hour to share updates on our lives.” – Eugenia Ye-Yeo, Her World Tribe member and founder of nail wrap label Nodspark

2 "How we keep our employees happy”

“Our entire company mission is focused on female empowermen­t, and this is reflected in everything we do internally. Being mindful of our team members’ individual circumstan­ces and well-being is key to this. To this end, we provide flexi-work roles for those who wish to balance their job with other commitment­s.

We proactivel­y offer interestin­g and challengin­g roles to women who are unable to work full-time, but have a lot to offer. They’ve all said that previously, finding a role that enabled them to ‘use their brain’, while having flexible days or hours or a flexible location, was almost impossible. They were either told that they’d been out of work for too long, had to take on roles where they were expected to work full-time all the time, or given menial jobs that didn’t enable them to leverage their past experience.

We found that offering this kind of flexibilit­y as part of the job offer, rather than making it a ‘special arrangemen­t’, results in a happy and motivated team.” – Debbie Watkins, founder and CEO of Lucy, a mobile banking app for women in Singapore

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