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Here, Selena shares more about Kind Words, her beauty secrets, and how she looks after her mental health.


Why did you name this collection Kind Words?

I think it’s so important to use kind words with yourself and with others. I want you to be reminded of this every time you pick up your lipstick and put it on. We’d also like to say that using kind words should be as easy as applying lipstick.

What is it about the new range that you love most?

I love how wearable and comfortabl­e these products are. The lipstick is cushiony and long-lasting, while the liner is super creamy and goes on so smoothly.

You’re a singer, actress, producer, businesswo­man and an all-round inspiratio­n to young women everywhere – what’s your secret to success?

The saying “You are who you surround yourself with” really speaks to me. I think it’s so important to have an incredible team.

Any applicatio­n tips or hacks to share?

I like to use a darker lip liner for more definition, and to enhance my natural lip shape. I’ll pair it with a slightly lighter lipstick to add volume. The liner in Wise (warm brown nude) and lipstick in Humble (rose mauve) are great for this. To make my lips last all day, I love to layer the liner and lipstick. I’ll fill in my full lip with the liner first because it’s waterproof. Then, I’ll apply the same shade of lipstick on top.

How do you destress?

Exercise is a great way for me to be in the moment and focus on myself. I love boxing and swimming.

And your mental health goals?

The work we do with Rare Impact is so important to me – one per cent of Rare Beauty sales are donated to the Rare Impact Fund to increase access to mental health services for young people in the US. I’ve been very open and honest with people about my journey with mental health, and if it helps them to know that they’re not alone, I hope this can inspire more people to open up and ask for help when they need it.

What are some “kind words” you think everyone should use?

Strong, Humble, Worthy, Talented, Creative – we named all 10 shades after powerful words that you could (and should!) say to yourself or a friend.

Many women choose lipstick colours to suit their moods – do you do the same?

Definitely! It’s so much fun to mix and match with this range. I love a beautiful neutral for everyday wear, and a bolder lip for a night out.

 ?? ?? Kind Words Matte Lipsticks, $32 and Lip Liners, $25 are inspired by the power of positive affirmatio­ns.
Kind Words Matte Lipsticks, $32 and Lip Liners, $25 are inspired by the power of positive affirmatio­ns.
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