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PIMPLE SATISFY tiktok.com/@pimple.satisfy

If you’re just keen on watching gunk getting extracted, this is the Tiktok account to follow. Don’t expect clinical extraction­s – some are done at home with extraction equipment and no gloves. In fact, a couple of the videos are definitely in the “what not to do when you’re popping a pimple” category.

DR PIMPLE POPPER tiktok.com/@drpimplepo­pper

Dr Sandra Lee is a dermatolog­ist in the US who gives her take on various ways of extracting pus or removing cystic acne from the face, neck, skin, nose, back, scalp, and even inside the ears. She gives commentary on why certain methods and techniques are better than others. Expect to see some pretty severe cyst and acne cases – you have been warned!


CORINA SLIME tiktok.com/@corinaslim­e

This account shows the colourful ways of creating slime using glue and makeup. It’s not always pretty stuff, but she takes requests and creates slime with glitter, eyeshadow and even highlight balms.

SOPHIA SLIME MIXING youtube.com/c/SophiaSlim­eMixing Featuring slime made from a random mix of beauty products with glue, sprinkles, putty, nail polish, the creations are out of this world here.


KAELI MAE tiktok.com/@kaelimaee

It’s not Marie Kondo, but it’s close. Kaeli’s videos are mostly of her restocking her fridge with Chobani yogurt or cleaning her car. Our personal favourite? The one where she’s organising her makeup drawer.

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