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The look is also a manicure trend – think milky, with a sheer colour and glossy finish, similar to that of a glazed doughnut. Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec reveals that this look uses a combinatio­n of neutral colours, sheer tones and glowy reflection­s (using chrome).

You also need perfect cuticles and rounded edges, she adds. Also known as “supermodel” nails, this means super clean, beautiful cuticles, and really even coverage with a gorgeous bubble-bath type and shade, mimicking milk-bath nails.

To achieve this look, she suggests warm shades of tan, chocolate and cafe latte, like the ones in the YNBB 2 (Your Nails But Better) collection from Lights Lacquer.

“I love the sexy simplicity of these shades solo or used together as a nail art look,” she says. “I love actually seeing a crisp white, simple nail art look on top of this milky white, milky pink design. It’s tonal, and you can’t see it until you’re really up close. And I think there’s something really beautiful, simple and understate­d about it.”

Arinah Rahid, founder of White Pyramid Gallery and Nail Bar, says her three salons in Singapore have seen a hike in customers (five to 10 a week) asking for glazed doughnut nails. “You can do it yourself at home with a few tools and gel polish colour, or simply pop in to your favourite nail salon for fast and efficient glazed doughnut nails,” she says.

Arinah recommends sheer nude, sheer pink, milky white or milky pinkish colours as great base colours. She points out that while the trend suits all skin tones and nail shapes, it looks best with hydrated cuticles and long nails, which make it look more classy.

“If you have short nails, not to worry. Get long press-on nails or extensions,” she advises.

To make them last longer, Arinah says it’s best to refrain from touching coloured food/ fruits, as the pigments may easily transfer onto your nails because doughnut glazed nails are very light in colour. She shares a trick she has learnt based on her experience as a nail technician.

“If any pigments or colours transfer onto your freshly manicured nails, use acetone and wipe it off quickly,” she says. “Don’t soak your nails, but wipe it off to remove the pigments. Another tip to make this look last is to apply a gel top coat, if you have one. And don’t forget cuticle oil to keep your cuticles hydrated.”

If you want to achieve the look at home, follow Arinah’s advice:

• Shape your nails to either a coffin or almond shape.

• Get a milky white or sheer pinkish gel colour for the base.

• Cure it under a UV nail lamp.

• Brush on chrome-effect powder or mirror-effect powder, then apply top coat and cure under the lamp.

• Use acetone-free remover to wipe off excess powder on the nails.

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