A city pen­t­house with al­most no doors is trans­formed into a sanc­tu­ary for one. LYNN TAN suc­cumbs to its cos­set­ing em­brace.

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A city pen­t­house with al­most no doors is trans­formed into a sanc­tu­ary for one.

To have an en­tire pen­t­house de­signed as a mas­ter suite for one sounds like the ul­ti­mate in­dul­gence and that was ex­actly what this home­owner wanted. In her brief to De­sign In­ter­ven­tion, she asked for a home that would serve as her re­treat from fre­netic city life – a space that would ex­ude serene glam­our and soft fem­i­nin­ity.

With that in mind, De­sign In­ter­ven­tion prin­ci­pal Nikki Hunt went about de­sign­ing a haven to make her client feel pam­pered. The stu­dio un­der­took all as­pects of the project, from in­te­rior space plan­ning and fur­ni­ture lay­out, to car­pen­try, light­ing and fur­ni­ture de­sign, as well as soft fur­nish­ings, right down to the se­lec­tion of teacups, bed­li­nen and bath tow­els. “I will bring only my clothes,” was what the client told Nikki.

Nikki drew in­spi­ra­tion from two Chi­nese art­works be­long­ing to the client. The first is a de­pic­tion of plum blos­soms.

“I have al­ways been en­chanted by the beauty of blos­soms on trees, whether they are plum blos­soms in North­ern China, peach blos­soms in the South, or the cherry blos­soms of Ja­pan,” shares the home­owner. The plum blos­som leit­mo­tif can be found on walls, doors,

win­dows, mir­rors and even the liv­ing room car­pet. The sec­ond is a land­scape paint­ing that in­spired the colour pal­ette for the home and whose ethe­real qual­ity per­me­ates some of the key ar­eas within the home, start­ing with the pri­vate lift lobby – it gives one the sense of hav­ing been trans­ported to another realm, and re­veals a tan­ta­lis­ing first im­pres­sion of the ro­mance and glam­our within.

The liv­ing space com­prises an open-plan liv­ing and study zone. The seat­ing area is de­fined by the di­a­logue be­tween a cir­cu­lar ceil­ing fea­ture above and a cir­cu­lar rug tufted with plum blos­soms be­low. “We care­fully con­sid­ered the com­po­si­tion such that the branches ap­pear to emerge from the sofa and cof­fee ta­ble with­out dis­rupt­ing the pat­tern,” Nikki points out.

The cen­tre­piece of the study area is a be­spoke desk that is ev­ery bit as func­tional as it is beau­ti­ful. The in­te­grated light­ing trans­forms the desk into a large floor lamp that casts a soft glow within the room.

The client wanted the kitchen to feel con­nected with the rest of the apartment. As she had no re­quire­ments for en­ter­tain­ing, all that was needed was a kitchen is­land with a din­ing space for one. “We are par­tic­u­larly proud of how we have cre­ated a seam­less aes­thetic flow, while si­mul­ta­ne­ously in­te­grat­ing the prac­ti­cal re­quire­ments and max­imis­ing the avail­able floor area,” says Nikki.

The curved walls of the kitchen take their cue from the rounded forms of the fur­nish­ings in the liv­ing area and evoke a softer and warmer am­bi­ence. Brushed gold strips set into the grey ve­neer – de­rived from a sin­gle tree to en­sure a con­sis­tency of colour and grain – ac­cen­tu­ate the cur­va­ture of the wall and pro­vide an in­ter­est­ing con­trast of tex­tures and fin­ishes, with the soft sheen of metal against the matte ve­neer.

The bed­room and bath­room are de­signed as part of a co­he­sive whole. A grey floor runner ties the two spa­ces seam­lessly to­gether even though they are on op­po­site sides of the cor­ri­dor.

The oys­ter pink ceil­ing ex­tends from the cor­ri­dor into the bed­room and bath­room, draw­ing the spa­ces to­gether while in­fus­ing them with a soft, ro­man­tic glow. The two ar­eas also share the same wall­pa­per and gold-toned wall sconces and bath­room taps. A glam­orous dress­ing room, sauna, hor­i­zon­tal shower and be­spoke home gym com­plete the deca­dent and pam­per­ing sanc­tu­ary away from the out­side world.

Ev­ery space within the home is unique in its own way, yet comes to­gether har­mo­niously. “Ev­ery cor­ner is dif­fer­ent. I can stay home all day and never get bored. This is the mark of a wellde­signed home,” af­firms the home­owner.

As a de­sign stu­dio, De­sign In­ter­ven­tion sees its role as cre­at­ing homes that re­flect the life­style, as­pi­ra­tions and per­son­al­i­ties of its clients. “We tell their story, not with words, but through visual lan­guage,” says Nikki. And it is in­deed a story with “so much me in it”, as the home­owner can­didly puts it. “It speaks to me and it has mean­ing to me. It makes me feel as if I am dis­cov­er­ing and re-dis­cov­er­ing my­self.”

The pri­vate lift lobby evokes the ethe­real qual­i­ties of a Chi­nese land­scape paint­ing. BE­LOW This mir­ror, with a de­sign that re­sem­bles the branches of plum blos­soms, is one of the home­owner’s favourites.

The plum blos­som mo­tif ap­pears in var­i­ous ar­eas within the home and has been ap­plied to dif­fer­ent sur­faces, in­clud­ing this frosted glass treat­ment be­side the bath.

Curved walls are ac­cen­tu­ated by LED strips set into a pel­met. The light washes down, em­pha­sis­ing the curves and high­light­ing the grain of the ve­neer.

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