Sci­en­tif­i­cally and thought­fully de­signed er­gonomic prod­ucts for your well- be­ing and pos­ture care.

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If your body is feel­ing worn out and your back and shoul­der mus­cles are aching, it may mean that your sit­ting po­si­tion and pos­ture need ad­just­ments. Ergoworks, one of Asia’s lead­ing brands in holis­tic er­gonomic and pos­ture well­ness so­lu­tions, of­fers an ex­ten­sive range of high qual­ity, com­fort­able and user-friendly prod­ucts equipped with func­tional fea­tures and health ben­e­fits.

The wide se­lec­tion of prod­ucts in­clude Zero Grav­ity Mas­sage Re­cliner, desk bike, mo­torised heigh­tad­justable desk, sit-stand desk con­verter, er­gonomic chairs, spinal pro­tec­tion back­pack, anti-fa­tigue stand­ing mat and other pos­tural sup­port de­vices. Cus­tomers can also go for the er­gonomic screen­ing and as­sess­ment ser­vice pro­vided. Re­lax, Recharge, Re­ju­ve­nate We spend long hours ev­ery day work­ing at our desks. Pro­longed seat­ing has been proven to in­crease the risk of health is­sues, in­clud­ing heart dis­eases and di­a­betes.

In­vest in Varidesk’s height-ad­justable Sit Stand Desk Con­verter, which gives you the op­tion to work while stand­ing up. This sim­ple change is likely to help boost me­tab­o­lism, pre­vent sit­ting-re­lated health is­sues, and even pos­si­bly lead to in­creased pro­duc­tiv­ity!

To truly recharge, make your­self com­fort­able with er­gonomic so­lu­tions. For a good night’s rest, let the Ergoworks Dual Plus Pil­low of­fer sup­port for your neck and back mus­cles. With a unique de­sign that has builtin “spines”, the pil­low aims to en­sure a re­laxed spine and the right pos­ture while you sleep, in or­der to pre­vent prob­lems like back­aches and mus­cle strains. Good pos­ture also keeps your air­way open and pre­vents snor­ing and si­nus prob­lems.

Lounge in the Ergoworks Zero Grav­ity Mas­sage Re­cliner af­ter a long day at work. This seat will re­cline into a ZeroG po­si­tion, one that Nasa dis­cov­ered as ideal for launch­ing as­tro­nauts. That’s be­cause when your body is weight­less, it adopts a nat­u­ral “S” curve; your feet and legs are on a level above your heart, and your spine is hor­i­zon­tal, with no stress on the ver­te­brae. This is an ideal mas­sage po­si­tion as blood moves back­wards to­wards your core and your heart rate goes down.

In this way, you’ll ben­e­fit from deeper and re­laxed breath­ing through ex­panded lung ca­pac­ity. The re­cliner also aids in re­lax­ation by help­ing to de­com­press the spine, re­lieve mus­cle ten­sion and fa­tigue, and im­prove blood cir­cu­la­tion.

Ex­pe­ri­ence these prod­ucts at the Ergoworks booth at the Home & Decor Fair. The Zero Grav­ity Mas­sage Re­cliner re­tails at a pro­mo­tional price of $3,699 per unit (U.P. $4,999), in­clu­sive of GST, de­liv­ery and in­stal­la­tion.


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