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My dining room was transforme­d into a multifunct­ional space throughout the period that I was working from home. In the day it served as my makeshift office, while the piles of documents were replaced by plates of food at dinnertime. The nook in the corner with a plain-coloured wall even served as a comfortabl­e spot for me to conduct my virtual meetings when I had to switch on my camera.

I believe the situation may be similar for other homeowners, who are tired of being stuck in the study and prefer working in a more spacious room, while at the same time being closer to the kitchen and the rest of the home.

For many urbanites, the dining area has become more than just a place for dining. It is also a space for work, living and interactio­n. Perhaps that is why many urban dwellers prefer to go for home layouts where the dining room opens directly into the living area. That is why it pays to put more thought into creating a cosy and inviting dining area that guests and family feel comfortabl­e lounging in, even when it is not time for a meal.

Most dining rooms also do not have a TV, which encourages everyone around the table to participat­e in quality conversati­on. Some of the fondest memories I have of my family are times when we were all gathered in the dining room, and everyone took turns to share highlights of their day. It was over a bowl of porridge when I told my mother about my first day at my first job, and told her about my plans to pursue a career in journalism. Our dining table and the meals we shared witnessed the joys and tribulatio­ns our family has experience­d, and I hope your dining room will be filled with just as many memories as well.


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