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The Master­Mouse S has a great shape, and is one of the most com­fort­able to han­dle in this shootout. It has a prom­i­nent arch that your hand cra­dles al­most per­fectly, so it’s re­ally nice to palm, par­tic­u­larly if you have smaller hands. Those with larger hands will nd that the mouse takes well to the claw grip as well, thanks to its rel­a­tively com­pact size and short length.

At 89g, it’s also quite light, mak­ing it par­tic­u­larly suited for FPS play­ers who re­quire an ag­ile mouse.

The 7,200 DPI PMW3330 op­ti­cal sen­sor that it uses is ex­tremely com­pe­tent, and you should have few is­sues with track­ing and aim­ing. The sen­sor per­formed re­li­ably through­out, and I wasn’t able to make it spin out, even when swip­ing quickly across the mat.

This is a six-but­ton mouse with two side but­tons and a DPI switcher, which gives it a clear edge over the pricier ASUS ROG Strix Im­pact.

How­ever, the mouse is dragged down by its less than in­tu­itive soft­ware in­ter­face. The Master­Mouse S has two in­de­pen­dent light­ing zones on the scroll wheel and base of the mouse, but I took quite a while to gure out how to congure the e ects to my lik­ing. In­stead of drop down menus to se­lect the e ects, you’ve to con­tend with a large grid of check­boxes that are quite te­dious to work with.

Nev­er­the­less, the soft­ware serves up a good range of op­tions, in­clud­ing up to four DPI steps, lift-o dis­tance ad­just­ments, and Stor­mTX but­ton as­sign­ments. The lat­ter nearly dou­bles the num­ber of pro­gram­mable but­tons by let­ting you ac­cess al­ter­na­tive func­tions when the Stor­mTX but­ton is held down (you can as­sign this to any but­ton).

The build qual­ity on the mouse is ques­tion­able though. There’s a lit­tle too much ex in the chas­sis that ex­tends far past the trig­ger but­tons, an is­sue sys­tem­atic to hav­ing trig­ger but­tons part of its shell.

What’s more, push­ing down on the DPI but­ton some­times re­sults in ei­ther the left- or right-click but­ton ac­tu­at­ing, so the mouse’s shell could re­ally use some ex­tra rigid­ity. The stri­ated ca­ble is also sti and a pain to work with, and the mouse would feel a lot bet­ter with a more ex­i­ble cord.

The two side but­tons are a lit­tle on the loud side.

The matte sur­face re­sists dirt and grime quite well.

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