Here to dis­pel mis­giv­ings and doubts over wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity, even for an eye­brow-rais­ing skep­tic like me.

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take lit­tle ad­just­ment or ddling.

What else is there to love? In Sin­ga­pore’s hu­mid, trop­i­cal cli­mate: the IP55 rat­ing. No­body’s go­ing for a swim in these, but the ear­buds will hold up to sweat and driz­zle just ne. Ex­cess mois­ture may loosen the t, but if it’s on the verge of slip­ping then you’ll to want to wipe your­self down any­way. I chats or to bet­ter hear your en­vi­ron­ment. Re­mov­ing the Elite 65t au­to­mat­i­cally mutes play­back, while putting them back in does the op­po­site. Voice calls are trans­mit­ted to both sides, and the four in­te­grated mi­cro­phones do a spec­tac­u­lar job of pick­ing up my ghost of a voice. Plus, a com­pan­ion app lets you tweak a mul­ti­tude of set­tings, in­clud­ing an equal­izer. Jabra also touts com­pat­i­bil­ity with Siri, Alexa, and Google As­sis­tant, though I didn’t man­age to play around with those.

All of that tucks into the small, bun­dled charg­ing case, which ac­ti­vates as soon as the con­tacts are in place and the lid is closed. The ear­buds man­aged nearly ve and a half hours on Spo­tify and gam­ing, while the case grants an ad­di­tional two full charges; the Jabra Elite 65t has quick charge so you won’t be sep­a­rated for too long.

Could there be im­prove­ments? Denitely. While Jabra opted for phys­i­cal but­tons on both the left and right sides, pre­sum­ably to cut down on ac­ci­den­tal brushes, they can get un­com­fort­able since you’re push­ing the buds deeper in. This was ne for the oc­ca­sional pause or to en­able “hear through”, but ad­just­ing vol­ume and skip­ping tracks can turn into lit­eral pain – I pre­ferred us­ing my phone’s phys­i­cal but­tons for those in­stead. And while the ear tips do o er de­cent iso­la­tion, they’re not go­ing to block out the din of com­mut­ing en­tirely.

Mu­sic (lo­cally stored and streamed), videos, and games all per­formed great. The some­what at sound sig­na­ture lends the ear­buds well to all man­ner of songs and ap­pli­ca­tions, mak­ing it a great all-round daily-driver. From Christo­pher Tin to Etta James and The Jack­son 5, or straight-up pod­casts, the Elite 65t com­fort­ably took them all.

Both YouTube and Netix went by with­out a hitch, while rhythm games_Beat Fev­er_and_BanG Dream! Girls Band Par­ty_o ered no dis­cernible di er­ence to wired op­tions. And thanks to Dis­cord, this is pretty much the mo­bile gamer’s equiv­a­lent of a head­set – voice pickup and clar­ity is cer­tainly bet­ter than the phone’s re­ceiver.

Not hav­ing a 3.5mm ca­ble stick­ing out the side of your phone also does wonders when it comes to gam­ing com­fort on the go. I no longer had to awk­wardly re­po­si­tion my ngers when in land­scape mode, nor worry about the ca­ble catch­ing on my bag when switch­ing trains or board­ing buses.

The bal­ance of sound qual­ity and re­li­able, wire­less con­ve­nience makes the Jabra Elite 65t an aw­fully tempt­ing propo­si­tion.

The phys­i­cal but­ton on each ear­bud can cause some dis­com­fort when you end up press­ing the bud deeper into your ear.

The Elite 65t has a 15 min quick charge for an ex­tra 1.5 hours of play, while the case can pro­vide two more full charges.

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