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for a vac­uum cleaner, then it’s likely you’ll have no re­grets do­ing so. The V10 is a metic­u­lously de­signed per­for­mance ma­chine, built to vac­uum, dust, and even lter. It per­forms like a champ, and I can’t nd any­thing crummy to say about it.

The V10 suc­ceeds the V8 cord­less vac­uum and is a dif­fer­ent ma­chine, both in­side and out­side. The V10 has a new V10 dig­i­tal mo­tor that is smaller but more pow­er­ful. It has a longer bat­tery life, and dif­fer­ent acous­tics. The V10 also has a fresh de­sign, which aligns the mo­tor, bin, and cy­clone in a straight line. This ap­par­ently cre­ates 20% more suc­tion power than the V8 and also makes it look like a ray gun.

One of the best things about the new chas­sis is that it’s now eas­ier — and more hy­gienic — to empty the bin. On pre­vi­ous de­signs, you had to pull a re­lease han­dle up­wards to eject the bin. It

got ddly; my one-year-old V8 now in­sists on open­ing only if you pull up at an­gles it likes. On the V10, you point it down­wards and push the ejec­tion lever to re­lease the bin. There aren’t any an­gles to dget with, and you’re less likely to get caught in the dust bloom from the dis­charge.

Be­fore you empty the bin, you have to use the V10, and it’s a plea­sure to do so. The soft roller cleaner head glides and ro­tates smoothly. The accessories at­tach eas­ily and give you a va­ri­ety of clean­ing op­tions. The V10 has three power modes, com­pared to the V8. I’ve used the mid­dle set­ting for around 20 min­utes and still had two bars of bat­tery life left (the V10 comes with a new bat­tery in­di­ca­tor). I’ve also used the V10 at max­i­mum and squeezed around 20 min­utes out of it.

The V10 has a longer bat­tery life of up to 60 min­utes, while the V8 could run up to 40 min­utes. How long you’ll ac­tu­ally get, how­ever, de­pends on which at­tach­ment you use, the power mode you use, and how trig­ger-happy you are.

I try not to go max­i­mum power ex­cept for short bursts. Ask the V10 to give max­i­mum ef­fort for too long and it gets toasty. The max­i­mum power mode is also the loud­est. The V10 is as quiet as a vac­uum cleaner can get, but it seems the V10 pushes its sounds into higher fre­quen­cies. I don’t no­tice this, but my wife has hear­ing as sharp as a dog’s, and the V10’s whine an­noys her. You might want to au­di­tion this for your­self if you, too, hear like a Ger­man Shep­ard.

I’m usu­ally a grumpy re­viewer, but I can’t nd any­thing to fault the V10 for. That doesn’t mean there aren’t pe­cu­liar­i­ties. One of them is that you’ll have to clean the V10. The V10 sucks air and de­bris in from one end and ex­pels it out the other. A lter sits there and Dyson says it traps 99.7% of par­ti­cles as small as 0.3 mi­crons. This lter needs to be washed once a month, and the V10 comes with a help­ful in­di­ca­tor to re­mind you to do so. With only one lter, the V10 is eas­ier to clean than the V8, which had two lters to wash.

The Dyson V10 takes ev­ery­thing good about the V8 and makes it bet­ter.�Those ad­vance­ments, like the longer bat­tery life, pow­er­ful suc­tion, and a user-friend­lier bin,�make the V10�easy to rec­om­mend.�It sounds ex­ces­sive to drop nearly a thou­sand dol­lars on a vac­uum cleaner, but there are peo­ple who drop big money for other kinds of work tools, like chef’s knives and power drills. You’ll sweat while us­ing these tools — but they pro­vide a level of pre­ci­sion and joy you won’t nd with lesser in­stru­ments.


Looks like a ray gun, isn’t cheap, and is very good.

Ev­ery­thing you need to know about the Dyson Cy­clone V10 cord­less vac­uum is in its price. If you can fathom pay­ing nearly a thou­sand dol­lars

The bin is eas­ier to empty, sim­ply point it down and push down­wards on this red ejec­tion lever.

You’ll have to clean the air lter once a month. Pre­vi­ously, you had to clean two lters on the V8.

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