This is how the Dell G3 and G7 de­liver gam­ing ex­hil­ara on with­out break­ing the bank

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You thought you couldn‘t get record­break­ing per­for­mance with­out break­ing the bank. You thought wrong.

With its new G-se­ries of gam­ing lap­tops, Dell wants you to know you can get ag­gres­sively pow­er­ful per­for­mance at boldly economical prices. The G3 and G7 are priced for sav­ings but don’t save on power. The 15” lap­tops ship with im­pres­sive specs: NVIDIA GeForce dis­crete graphics, the lat­est 8th gen­er­a­tion In­tel Core pro­ces­sors, and SmartByte tech­nol­ogy, so gamers on a bud­get can still play with punch.

The G3 of­fers the most brawn for the buck, while the G7 has mus­cu­lar up­grades for big­ger bud­gets. Find out which one is for you.

Econ­omy of strength with the Dell G3

The Dell G3, like the G7, comes with 8th gen­er­a­tion In­tel quad- and hex-core pro­ces­sors for re­spon­sive com­put­ing. Whether you’re gam­ing or cal­cu­lat­ing spread­sheets, those cores of ca­pa­bil­ity will help you get things done.

Both the G3 and G7 pack for­mi­da­ble NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Se­ries dis­crete graphics (up to 1060 with Max-Q de­sign). Dis­crete graphics are more ca­pa­ble than in­te­grated graphics, and the GeForce GTX 10 Se­ries can power higher game set­tings with vivid de­tail and smooth fram­er­ates.

The G3 and G7 also comes with in­tel­li­gent net­work­ing. SmartByte soft­ware pri­or­i­tizes videos over other content, so you can en­joy smooth video with­out buffer­ing. Those videos will look es­pe­cially ex­pres­sive, thanks to the 15” FHD anti-glare dis­play, which fea­tures a wide­view­ing an­gle and in-plane switch­ing.

Plus, there’s an op­tion for In­tel Op­tane Mem­ory that’s ex­clu­sive to the Dell Ex­clu­sive Store at Plaza Sin­ga­pura.

Bolder per­for­mance with the Dell G7

The Dell G7 is the beeer ma­chine for the big­ger bud­get. It packs ev­ery­thing the G3 of­fers, like dual fans, im­proved wire­less, Waves MaxxAu­dio Pro, and adds more. The G7’s key­board is crafted for crit­i­cal com­peti­tors. It has mul­ti­ple lay­ers of re­in­force­ment and 1.4mm of travel. You can opt to equip the WASD keys in bril­liant blue back­light­ing.

Be­sides fully fea­tured specs, you also get fully fea­tured con­nec­tiv­ity. A full-sized HDMI 2.0 port plugs into ex­ter­nal mon­i­tors at up to 4K res­o­lu­tion. If you’re into the fu­ture, the G7’s USB type-C port sup­ports Dis­playPort, Power De­liv­ery, and Thun­der­bolt 3 trans­fer speeds of up to 40Gbps. That can run a sin­gle 5K dis­play or dual 4K dis­plays.

And if you ever want to boost your ma­chine later, you can do that too. The G7 has a sin­gle-screw bay door that can be re­leased by tak­ing out a sin­gle screw, so you can mod­ify the com­po­nents when­ever you want.

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