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- Zachary Chan Editor

Every month as I assemble the top-notch, crack team of articles that make up HWM Singapore, I normally try to make sure that there is some kind of overarchin­g theme that goes into the issue. Sometimes this theme can be very overtly planned, such as during major events such as the Consumer Electronic­s Show or Mobile World Congress; even the many pandemic related issues stories we’ve run. Sometimes it’s hard, but this month was a bit of a surprise, even to me, and I didn’t really realise it till I was looking at the finished product.

Many of our articles can be linked back to how technology is used to tell a story, and when I say this, I don’t just mean sensory-wise. We’ve got a chat with Giles Martin for example, talking about remixing The Beatles for Spatial Audio. He mentions how music is music throughout generation­s and technologi­es like Spatial Audio isn’t just about “3D sound”. It allows one to be transporte­d to the time that particular track was make, the feelings, emotions, the very room it was recorded.

We have a commentary about Severance, a new show on Apple TV+, and it resonated because of how work-life balance has changed so much in the past two years of Covid. It’s a what if scenario played out that makes us think if all this technology around us that keeps us connected at all times is a good thing. But on the other hand, to be totally cut off can also be a nightmare. It’s very Black Mirror-like.

Even our reviews this month fits into my narrative of tech storytelli­ng. The Huawei P50 Pro is an amazing camera-phone. I’ve personally played with it during my own unboxing, and the hardware impressed me greatly. But what about real usage experience? Can tech products survive based on high-specificat­ions alone? What is the barrier of entry from a user experience perspectiv­e that a line is drawn for a product to be “good”? Can tech overcome traditiona­l brand narratives?

Maybe it is a little too meta to see when you get your issue of HWM, but these are things that go through my mind. Till next month.

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