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Thoth Warrior Wira Sakti Clarton Star Invincible Man Spur Me On Agni Lucky Boy Avengers Hero Heavenly Hand Cassis Oolong Secondwave Ultimate Killer One Force Don De La Vega Spirit Seven Dream Big Auspicious Ace Mikcaipho Golden Coin Lim’s Lightning Made In Russia Chocante Tales Of Summer Good News Scorpio Ironside Man Of Mystery Charger Justice Smart Smart Lad King Of War Richebourg Smiling Proud Yulong Fast Steed Hyde Park Dark Necessities Run The Day Sun Fei Pakatan Warrior Macho Man Yellow Jade Horse Colour Paint Golden Win Jk Flash Leo Lim’s Moment Scooter Emki Empress Fireworks Rapid Fire Corsa D’Oro Heart Of Courage Zahrat Jumeirah Accumulation Sacred Tonic Mai Darko River Superstar Best Bay Black Orchid Lady Counsel Miracle Time Tiger Boss Qilin Top Form Galway Girl Tigress Loyalty’s Angel Money & Me Swan Song Archer Company Bastion Sonic Plus Black And White Grand Cross D’Great Conqueror Great Scott Justice Day Halo Bright Bach’s Air Littlebitofjoy Probably Silver Wind Pisces Star Jomo Julius Caesar Safeer Lim’s Regard Red Dawn Siam Sapphire Southern Spur Battle Of Troy Copacabana Star Emperor Turf Princess Decreto Mr Hooper Prince Pegasus Snip Elise Golden Flame Ultimate Hero Magical Ten Racing Man Peach Bowl Balkan Challenger Deputy Law Archaeology Rangitaiki Thong’s Jiaqing Triple Coin Don’t Forget This Handsome Boss Suvarnabhumi Clarton Palace Lim’s Hunter Maestro Mings Man Phan Nee Star Pioneer Step Richie Rich Royal Pavilion Prince Ferdinand Shangani Mont Choisy Raptor Keep Winning Sonoran Million Round Berlinetta Bohemian Simpang Star Genius Always D’Great Brahms And Liszt Champagne Rein Nobody’s Fool Multiblue Rancho Crown Star Spade Of Ace All Serene Bercham Field Force Emirates Warrior You Are Genius Acrobat Sothistheone Jupiter Dragon Diamond King Gold Kingdom River Happiness Super Win D’Great Sun Duxton Favouritism Flash The Flag Forever Good Hardcore Stay The Course The Iceman Vittoria Perfetta Scooby Dooby Doo Bushido Country Boss Lim’s Mighty Lim’s Pride Sun General Baccarat Mascot Song Of Spring Sun Ace Whose Else’s Ancient Warrior My Friends Bristol Diamond Tic Tac Toe Golden Craftsman Swift Top Turf Our River Dancer The Millionaire BM Power Consense Gold Coast Captain Empire Bay Acipenser Dicaprio TH Maxims Hello Sayang Flash One Cizen Stirling King Force Nova Warrior Easy Lover Our Genius One More Achiever One O Nine Super Ace Super Genius Evil Wesley Gangnam Classic Roughead Success Street Elusive Genius Sing Darci Like A Jet Over Limits Smoothly Power Express Greatballs Of Fire Good Taste Aguero Artemister I’m A Genius Handsome Bab Lady Liberty Cold War Phantasos Acme Sparkler Eagle Soar Nasi Lemak Red Rackham Sea Horizon Musang King Super Joy Song Kid Good Deal Ausone Brilliant Star Sun Seeker Winning Star M Seven Tarzan Arecibo Full Bet Metier Star Listen Taffetas D’great Light Condado Shellomada Happy Dayz Xzuberance Lim’s Casino Sacred Surfer Wow First Command Racer King Inniminyminemow Lisboa Star Major Tom Platoon Prince Raven Satellite Boy Raja Mahkota War Dragon Mr Paulandre Discretely Red Follow The Wind Double Rainbow Halo Inspire Lion Conqueror Luck Happy Purple Rain Lady Soon You Think Iking Moment Of Justice Second Chance Colorado Prince Elite Rocket Puravi Thai Baht Goldhill Princess Immortal Legacy Sand Bank Zenzero Believe It Or Not Love Goes Around Mewtwo Elf’s Dream Sir Henry Zolved Major Green What Valerius Elite Kingdom Polo Gaga Super Good Lining Together Teen Angel Vellenex General Dragon Walk Percius Semifreddo Glory Kid Sir Rally Determine To Win Nova Dashing Jetstar Eagle Messi D’Great Ares Valberry Rush Dawn Prospect Rainbow Star Superb Seven Camera Stellata Hacker Century World Totality Ball And Chain Hennessy Dragon Neverunconditional Powerful Star Eyeofthetiger Military Star Super Dan Dark Express Bold Passion Lee’s Surprise Miss Blanchett First Precinct The Jeuneyman Elite Conqueror King Opera Marea Negro Sacred Empire Baadshah Back To The Towers Drought High Tensile Brilliant Deal Maidanz Beauty Blood Royal Perfect Run Roman Wells Scrat Nova Eagle Alien Nation Theatre Just Duit Abebe Good People Dee Majulah Satellite Golden Once A Thief Flying Shadow Ready To Force Good Intentions Mr Hopkins Char Siew Lim’s Master Rant And Rave Hydrant L’Ken Overseer D’great Run Merchant Marine Norman Nicator Supreme Supreme Nadesiko Japan All My Eye Natural Water D’Great Glory Grand Show Satellite Turbo Who’s The Boss Sing Express Balboa Glory Age Race For Fame Ramzes Napoleon Aprobacion Born A Fighter Hoffman Classic King King Power Holy Thomas Barker Road Kid Victory March Golden Empire Neversaynever D’Great Effort William King Rainbow Jazz Swinglowsweetjacky PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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